Real Estate Success in 2009 with Steven Molnar: How to protect your existing portfolio PLUS How to find distressed undervalued properties Jan 17th AM

Turbulent Times so what should property investors do now?

So 2008 brought us financial equity markets falls, the tightening of credit around the globe, property prices reducing in some markets and media doom and gloom. So what should investors do now? Keep their money under their bed, put it in their bank, or do nothing? Well none will generate you wealth. Whatever your forecasts, are you equipped to protect your existing portfolio and to create wealth during these times or will you put your head in the sand and simply hope? 2009 will be a challenging year for many and for others they will see great opportunities, take action and  profit. As a minimum, do you want to know how to protect your existing portfolio so you can sleep better at night?

We feel passionate about empowering others in these times of uncertainty - as a gift to you, we present Steven Molnar for 2.5 hours who will share with you his latest strategies and what's more you will only need to invest your time and not any money - nor will you be offered any properties for sale - purely educational.  

History shows Wealth is made or lost during these turbulent times

Firstly, learn how to protect your existing portfolio and then learn how and where to profit from the current market conditions now and in the future.

What's your 2009 Wealth Road Map? - first, protect and then, grow your portfolio

Let the numbers talk so you can take the emotion out of your investment decisions and profit.  These maybe stressful times for some and others will only see opportunities , take action and profit as in some markets, property prices have returned to 2005 price levels, there are motivated sellers who will sell below true market value whilst rents have increased in tandem to increase equity and yields substantially.  

Learn from proven investors with this 2 1/2 hour free event - reserve your seat now.

Do not fear, no properties will be presented to you - it's purely educational for your beneift. Book now as seats are limited.

Discover the fundamentals of making intelligent, informed and profitable property investment decisions during these turbulent times. Learn from proven investors.

We will run the event for you THREE times on the following dates and times (Make sure you pick the correct date and time - click on the right hand Nav Bar to see other dates- "See Other M&C Partners Real Estate Success Academy Events"

Jan 14th 7.30pm-10pm

Jan 17th 10.30am-1pm

Jan 17th 2pm-4.30pm

Steven Molnar: An experienced investor and inspiring international educator who built a AU$10m property portfolio in under 3 years starting from scratch. As a registered presenter for Tony Robbins' Wealth Mastery 2007 program and the global lead trainer for Real Estate Mastery, Steven has already inspired thousands in Singapore in 2008 at the National Achievers Congress, the SMART Investment Expo and the Singapore iProperty Expo. He is also one of very few people that has been approved to setup and own a Bank of Queensland branch in Australia.

Martyn Anstey: An investor, business owner and trainer who set out to learn from the world's best investors. Through their instruction, he turned US20,000 into a US$2m property portfolio in just 10 months. Martyn looks forward to sharing with you not only how to maximise your return on investment (ROI) but also your Return on your Time and Return on your Peace of Mind.

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