2007 Yule Celebration

MAGIC9s 2007……….
Winter Solstice Ritual!!...........
Saturday December 22nd, 6pm...........  

Liberty Hall, 311 N Ivy St. Portland, OR
Join MAGIC for a Winter Solstice celebration! At this time of introspection and renewal, guest priestess Octavia Brooks will lead you on a journey to  the center, where you will transform your burdens from last year into blessings and renewal for the new year. 

 }}Come mentally prepared{{ to know last year9s burdens one last time, and also think through what you want for the coming year. Be able to recount your blessings from last year, as this will be the energy we use to transform our burdens into the energy needed to fulfill our hopes and wishes for the coming year.
             Our magical transformation of last year9s energies will pave the way for our hopes and dreams to come true in the new year, and for the Sun God to be re-born! Come gather in a circle of family, friends and community and join together in song and magic to bring in the new year!
>> Shared meal!<< Bring your favorite holiday potluck dish to share!
 Suggested donation: $5-10+ to the MAGIC non-profit temple, no one turned away for lack of funds. Donations are tax-deductible and go to support the
 Spiral Rhythms Festival.<< Potlatch:>> Bring a gift to exchange, there will be an adult, teenager, and children9s exchange. Say who your gift is from so your new friend can thank you! >>Drum circle Dance party!<< Bring your drums and do some drummin!
This promises to be great fun!


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