Machinima Symposium 2008

The Lu-Creative Business of Machinima

The web 2.0 has altered the terrain of media business, notably consumers’ role in the production process. Consumers have become creative and content producers, without which these web 2.0 platforms (such as eBay, Facebook, Youtube, Second Life, to name a few of many) are not viable.

Business models based on the notion of the consumer as producer or what is termed as “pro-sumers” have allowed Web 2.0 applications to capitalize on time spent participating in communicative activity and information sharing. Machinima leading the next wave of user generated media has got many raising hands: "So, what is the business model of Machinima?"

to envisage the future of Machinima, its making, distribution and consumption. Acquire knowledge from the various industry players expounding on the nascent trade as Machinima is a multi-faceted phenomenon which has seeped into the fields of not just gaming but virtual worlds, music videos, film productions, advertising etc and most important of all, the growing consumer or “pro-sumer” communities. Gather perspectives and insights from these international experts on the new terrains and delve deep into the unique opportunities of user generated media.

The first ever Machinima Symposium convenes in Singapore, featuring INTERNATIONAL MACHINIMA THOUGHT LEADERS AND ARTISTS in this two full-day event. Distinguished speakers from the fields of gaming, virtual worlds and interactive television would share their views on how Machinima would evolve in their fields and the opportunities they represent. For details check out:

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Name Sales End Price Fee
Full Day Conference Pass (12 Dec)   Ended $350 $8.75
Full Day Master Classes Pass (13 Dec) Ended $200 $5

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As a prelude to the upcoming Fantazzztic Ads Awards 08/09 event, the Machinima Symposium’08 Package goes on sale from now till Thursday, 11 th December 2008!

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Machinima Symposium 2008 :: A Co-located event with SIGGRAPH Asia 2008. Featured Host Mr. Allein Moore Chief Editor, AdAsia: The Lu-cr e ative Business of Machinima.

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