M3 BPM2.0 Breakfast Seminar

M3 2007 Seminar Series 

24 May 2007 M3 Breakfast Seminar - BPM2.0 The Next Generation of Business Performance Management

Many IT systems are still not meeting the needs of business users. In spite of improved development in Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance tools and techniques, the delivered functionality and dependencies on Access, Lotus or Excel’ “shadow systems”  is not considered satisfactory. This Seminar will introduce you to new thinking and practical innovation to address the above need, how and why it came about and what it delivers. If you are a financial or operational business executive charged with optimising processes and business performance you will find the content of this Seminar highly relevant.


“Business Performance Management 2.0—Where To Next?”


Presenter: Mr. Warren Slabe. Warren is the director of BPM Partners Australia, a division of BPM Partners, Inc (USA). BPM Partners are the world’s leading Performance Management Authority.


Mr. Slabe will present a brief summary of the results of a recent global survey on Performance Management successes and provide an overview of the next generation of performance management and the benefits to expect.


“BPM2.0 Put Into Practice”


Presenter: Mr. Andi Luiskandl. Andi is the director of E-Novation, an Australian company that developed the award-winning BPM2.0 solution M3.

Mr. Luiskandl will present some practical BPM2.0 examples in Australia’s financial services and natural resources industry, drawing from M3 BPM2.0 implementation outcomes: 

1—Outsourced / Shared Services Performance Measurement & Reporting

2—Operational Performance Measurement & Analytics (Asset and Workforce Utilisation)

3—Financial Performance Measurement (Cash Flow Management)

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