LYC Yakuza Movie Night - Sat Aug. 18th 7 pm

What: LYC Yakuza Movie Night on large screen tv w/ surround sound.
Where: 1159 Pleasant Circle, Arden Hills, MN
When:  Saturday August 18th, 7:00 PM
Who:   RSVP for 15 People
Hosted by: Ted Calbazana
Contact: 612-245-2061
Bring: Whatever you want to share. Beverages and popcorn are provided.
RSVP by email Appreciated: (Up to 15 ppl)  

From our something a little different department:
Come join your LYC friends for an evening of action packed entertainment featuring great stars from Hollywood and Asia. The themes are YaKuZa (Japanese Mafia), brotherhood, bonding and friendships.  Expect a bit of swordplay, violence and mayhem with well written plot and dialogue. Personally I found the first movie 9The Yakuza9 quite interesting because it introduced a set of Japanese customs that I wasn9t familiar with.  

Ted Calbazana


The Yakuza (1974)
Starring:Robert Mitchum, Ken TakaKura
Complex to the point of being pleasingly convoluted, this Sydney Pollack film (from a terrific script by Robert Towne and Leonard and Paul Schrader) is an intriguing blend of Western and Asian sensibilities. Mitchum, in one of his best roles of the 1970s, is drawn to the Orient by an army buddy (Brian Keith), whose daughter has been kidnapped. But when he gets to Japan, Mitchum finds that her kidnappers are the shadowy Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia--an organization that is as vicious as it is tradition-bound. He must call on friends he made after World War II for favors and finds himself unintentionally trampling on issues of honor, even as he battles for his life and that of the girl he is seeking. Surprisingly heartfelt and deliciously exciting, the film features a decent performance by Mitchum and a stoically touching one by Ken Takakura. And what great samurai swordplay! --Marshall Fine

American Yakuza (1999)
Starring: Michael Nouri, Viggo Mortensen
In America, they call it the Mafia... In Japan they call it Yakuza. When they meet they call it war! Viggo Mortensen (G.I. Jane) and Michael Nouri (The Hidden) star in this explosive action-thriller about the first American accepted into the savage brotherhood of Japan9s criminal underworld. Sent to infiltrate the American arm of the Yakuza, FBI agent Nick Davis (Mortensen) rises through the ranks of assassins and is soon adopted into the powerful Tendo crime family. His work brings him into brutal conflict with not only the Italian mob, but also a hard-nosed FBI taskforce guided by unscrupulous Agent Littman (Robert Forster). Caught dead center in a war between the Yakuza, the mob, and the FBI, Davis must decide what9s more important: his old loyalties--or his new bond of blood.


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