Lunch 2.0 at Idée!

Lunch 2.0 at Idée

We the good folks at Idée liked the idea of getting together for lunch while checking out great local tech companies and meeting interesting people. So we decided to start Lunch 2.0 in Canada!

The first Canadian lunch 2.0 will be held at the Idéeplex in Toronto.

Come join us to check out our cool image recognition software labs and hear about our exciting new developments! Have some pizza (No pizza pizza here), Italian sodas, dessert, and lots of interesting conversations with passionate people doing cool things around the city.

About Lunch 2.0

Lunch 2.0 is free lunch events at any (interesting and innovative) tech company where you show up, eat, and talk to interesting people. Lunch 2.0 was started in Silicon Valley; it has been so successful that people in other cities started organizing their own Lunch 2.0 events. Lunch 2.0 is open to anyone to attend and open to anyone to organize and hold their own Lunch 2.0

Why go to Lunch 2.0? Well, this is why we go:

  • Learn about cool local companies, technologies and people
  • Share ideas….or learn about new ideas
  • Expand our network in our city’s Tech community
  • Get free stuff!

How Does It Work? When there is a Lunch 2.0 organized in your area:

  • RSVP
  • Leave work for your lunch hour - that’s innovative I tell you!
  • Get free food and drinks
  • Meet new people, learn about a new start up, new technologies
  • Meet new people in the industry
  • Scope out companies you may be interested in working at (hey if youare a new graduate or a co-op, what better way to figure out where youwould like to end up!)
  • When Lunch 2.0 is all done and wrapped up: Go back to work happy and be productive

Read more about Lunch 2.0 in Canada

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