Prospect & Flourish BOOTCAMP! presented by Linking the Upstate

The #1 Reason Sales People FAIL is Lack of Prospects.

If your business is fueled by interpersonal relationships, then you have to prospect. Prospecting is the CONTINUOUS activity of exploring for and qualifying NEW PEOPLE to talk with concerning your business. It’s also the weakest link in the sales process.

This intensive, three-hour "boot camp" will help you grow your business by teaching you how to:

  • Keep your pipeline full by identifying prospective clients more quickly and with less frustration.
  • Network more effectively through centers of influence and your personal board of advisors.
  • Learn a guaranteed, step-by-step approach to seeking referrals, using face-to-face methods along with online resources like LinkedIn an Facebook.
  • Generate word-of-mouth by giving your clients something OUTSTANDING to talk about to their friends and family (your prospects)!

Don't Believe Us! Here's What Program Graduates have Said...and We are Just Getting Started!

Prospect & Flourish is an awesome book and a tremendous program! The part on ‘wedging your foot in the door’ is, by far, the best assembled and explained prospecting strategy I have ever seen.This specific strategy addresses the #1 concern of sales professionals.”

— Kim Gerhart
National Account Executive, SCG Services, LLC

“I’ve been in sales and business for more than thirty years. Luscher’s step-by-step, proactive approach to generating referrals alone makes Prospect & Flourish highly worthy of its modest investment.”

—Wayne Booker, Business Broker, Prudential CRES Commercial Real Estate

“Anyone wishing to take their business to the next level in these challenging times can truly benefit from Prospect & Flourish. One of the habits Keith stresses in his book and the program is that of social mobility, which is being visibly active and engaged in one’s community. It’s a value that I have lived and worked by throughout my career, and one to which I owe much of my success.”
—Jon Kirk, Realtor®, RE/MAX Premier Choice

“Prospecting is the number one concern for any sales professional—or for that matter anyone who is looking for new career opportunities. That’s why I started Big Fish Networking in the first place. And I have to say, when it comes to tackling this challenging issue, Prospect & Flourish nails it better than any resource out there. Luscher takes a complex topic and keeps it simple, both in his book and in our workshops.”
—Steve Baldzicki, President & Founder, Big Fish Networking

Prospect & Flourish is simply the most focused, and best resource on learning how to prospect I have ever seen. I highly recommend it!”

—Jo Ann Florey, Branch Manager, Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corporation

Name Sales End Price
Registration Only Ended $30
Registration and Textbook Ended $55

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