Creating Intention and Living Your Vision in 2008




A Workshop Designed & Produced by 

Liz Plaster and Donna Fisher 


Session I - Wednesday, January 30, 2008, 7-9 PM

(Teleconferencing Option Available for Part I)

Sessions II & III - Friday, February 1, 2008, 9-4 PM 

Location:  Donna Fisher’s Percussion Center

6990 Portwest #100 (off Old Katy Road) Houston, TX 77024 

"There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."           Nelson Mandela
“Don’t wait for a light to appear at the end of the tunnel, stride down there and light the bloody thing yourself.”   Sara Henderson 

The holidays have come and gone.  It9s a brand NEW YEAR!   It9s the obvious and perfect time to set new goals, develop new habits and get on track to create a fulfilling year.  It9s natural to have great goals – to get in shape, make more money, travel, spend time with loved ones, etc.  Who doesn’t want to - be, have and do more?  And yet, many people who have made a list of resolutions and goals for this year, may already be falling short of staying on track with their goals.   

Your power comes, not from having goals, but from having the ability to pick the goals that ignite your passion, develop the integrity to stay true to your intentions, develop relationships that are unfaltering in their support and staying on track with a realistic plan of action.   

Bring your dreams, goals, disappointments, hopes, passion and ideas to this seminar to develop the clarity, focus and intention to live your vision for 2008.  

This workshop is focused on YOU, your life, your future.  The exercises, information and activities give you the opportunity to examine your direction and purpose in life, to develop authentic choices, to strengthen your focus and to create alignment of your intentions and your goals for fulfillment.




This workshop may or may not be for you.   Check these statements to find out: 

__ Yes, I am serious about creating intention and living my vision – day by day;

__ Yes, I would like help to clarify my intention and vision;

__ Yes, I want to develop a clear and realistic plan of action to obtain my goals;

__ Yes, I am willing to honestly examine my values and what I stand for;

__ Yes, I am ready to take 100% responsibility for my choices;

__ Yes, I am willing to reflect on what is working and what is not working for me;

__ Yes, I am ready to journey toward my most noble self;

__ Yes, I would like to enjoy and have the support of a community of women;

__ Yes, I want to laugh, dance, and express my authentic self;

__ Yes, I want more joy in my life;


__ Yes, where do I sign (smile)!


 Session I:  Completing, Celebrating and Learning from 2007- Creation of visual timeline of accomplishments and lessons learned in 2007:  Celebrating the accomplishments, taking responsibility for the results and learning valuable lessons that enhance your future.  

 Session II: Your Authentic Self  - Connecting with Self to create alignment and authentic power: Engaging in exercises to review and identify your core values, strengths and challenges and Identify areas for growth and habits to develop.   

Session III: Living Your Vision  - Choosing direction, focus and goals for 2008 and developing an action plan for fulfillment.  You will be identifying what it will take, what it will provide and how your goals are in alignment with your highest good.

This seminar incorporates mini-lectures, play sessions, journaling, art projects, dance and movement, interactive problem solving and state of the art brain friendly strategies for adult learners.  Comfortable clothing is suggested. 

Additional seminars, coaching and master mind groups will be available to deepen and consolidate the commitment to self and our community of women. 


Liz Plaster is about leading, living and learning from the inside out. She believes that life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.  She works with individuals and organizations to empower them in creating change that matters and actions that transform. 

Liz is owner of a speaking, coaching and consulting firm, business leader and former educator with over 20 years in research and application in human behavior and performance.  She is a Certified Speaking Professional, IFC Coach and a Certified Associate of the Six Second’s world wide network, one of the world’s only training, consulting and research organizations exclusively dedicated to emotional intelligence.,  

Donna Fisher believes that you have the opportunity to create new possibilities moment to moment and that choosing wisely what you say and how you say it gives you great power.  She9s an introvert who learned how to network because she had a dream of owning her own business and instinctively knew she needed to step out of her comfort zone.

As the owner of a music store, a best-selling author, Certified Speaking Professional, and Nia White Belt, she loves to share what she9s learned and be a catalyst for people to connect and create new, inspiring opportunities. Her books, Power Networking, People Power, and Professional Networking for Dummies have been translated into 5 languages, recommended by Time Magazine and used as textbooks in major universities.,

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