Living Your Purpose, Living Your Passion


Here are raves from past participants of this workshop!

"I gained clarity on behaviors that have been bothering me at a subconscious level. Now that they've been brought to light, I now know what to do about them."

"This workshop enabled me to think about my passions related to work. Out loud. Out of my mind. In the open!"

"The techniques used in this workshop brought me new insight."


What would your life be like if you woke up every morning -- refreshed...alive...ready to live life to it's fullest?

Too often, most people live for their jobs, day in and day out, waiting for the weekend to happen and dreading the Monday morning alarm!

Life becomes a drudgery of the same things, over and over again, with the expectation that something will ultimately change...but for some reason, the change isn't happening!

The reason most people live this robotic life is because you're not clear about:

  • what your life purpose is
  • what your passionate about
  • who you truly are!

If you begin to tap into that place of knowing who you are, what brings you real joy, and what it means to share the real you with the world, you begin to draw into your life the people and the situations that support you being your best and your happiest!

This workshop is an introduction to asking yourself and getting the answers to the questions:

  • What's my purpose in life?
  • What is it that naturally brings me joy?
  • What ways can I live my life 24/7 from this place of purpose and passion, where I make money being happy, have fulfilling relationships and continue to grow?

This is an interactive and fun workshop! And best of all, it's being offered on a love offering basis, meaning you donate whatever it is your heart guides you to give!

Are you willing to take your life to the next level? Are you willing to be the best that you can be? Are you willing to be truly happy?

If so, register for this workshop today!

To a life of purpose and passion,

Joselito Laudencia

p.s.  This workshop is also a sneak preview to the all-day workshop "Finding Your Right Work"! You'll get a SPECIAL IN-SEMINAR DEAL to this all-day workshop by attending this introductory workshop!

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