Division B workshop - Listen, Think, Speak presented by Nigel Cutts

Listen, Think, Speak workshop presented by Nigel Cutts

Have you ever struggled for a topic for your next speech?

Have you ever found a promising topic but then looked at the blank piece of paper and found nothing coming out?

I know I have and I am sure that I am not alone! Well, a solution just may be at hand!

On Tuesday 16th June, Division B will be playing host to Nigel Cutts with his workshop entitled Listen, Think, Speak.

This will be an interactive workshop which will help you connect your ears, mouth and brain. Nigel will give us a new and exciting perspective on how listen for promising speech topics, think about what you want to say, and then speak them aloud. Nigel will introduce you to some techniques so simple that you really can learn them in an evening. You will also get a chance to practice your ability to “Listen – Think – Speak!” 

Nigel works with an organisation called Time to Think run by Nancy Kline. They are widely recognised as leading lights in active listening and thinking skills. Their work is offered as modules at both Cranfield and Ashfield management colleges. Her book of the same name also happens to be one of the best books I have ever read!

Nigel has been a member of Toastmasters for over twelve years and is the founding President of London Cardinals. Together with his wonderful wife Gilly, he is huge proponent of mentoring within Toastmasters clubs. Among others, Nigel is the mentor to Simon Bucknall, twice UK & Ireland International Speech champion and current UK & Ireland Evaluation Champion. He is also a past Asst Division Governor.

The workshop will be held at The Thistle Westminster. The address is:

Thistle Westminster Hotel, 49 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 0QT

The doors will open at 6.30 (and not before as there is another event at the venue earlier on!) and the event will start at 7pm sharp. We should be finished at about 9pm.

There will be usual small charge of £5 to cover the venue hire etc.

As is usual, book early and book often. We have limited seats but can expand if we get the right signals from early ticket sales.

As mentioned, I am a huge fan of this work and I am sure you will be too. Hopefully we will see you there! And as they say…

Listen! Don’t you Think that’s worth an evening of anyone’s time. Speak up!


If you have any problems booking then email freddiedaniells@gmail.com

Name Sales End Price
Standard Ticket Ended £5

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