Liquor Control Seminar @ HFTP Orange County, CA

We are holding a special Liquor Control Seminar for the HFTP Orange County, CA Chapter.

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The lack of internal control standards in today’s hotel bars is apparent.  Without proper controls, beverage costs can skyrocket, leading to lower profits.  With the essential controls in place, there is more accountability and traceability.  Any discrepancies in liquor cost will become much easier to locate.

Who Should Attend

Managers and supervisors who’s job description includes controlling beverage cost.  This includes controllers, accountants, food and beverage managers, bar managers, restaurant managers, and even general managers.  Any management that would like to learn more about the liquor control process would also benefit from this seminar.

The Program

Learn the basic internal control standards that should be in place through the entire liquor sales process, from ordering to point of sale.  Topics will include:

  • Causes of High Liquor Cost

  • Liquor Cost Budgeting and Calculations

  • Liquor Ordering

  • Inventory Issues and Methods

  • Liquor Pouring Practices

  • Internal Theft

  • Best Practices and Standards

Attendees will come away from the seminar with a better knowledge of liquor control and the information to implement the necessary standards to help keep liquor costs under budget.

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