Swing Dance Lessons for February 5th, 12th, 19th, and 22nd Taught by The Lindyroos!

Class Descriptions
8:00-9:00pm Beginning Lindy Hop I
Come learn the authentic dance of the 1930's and 1940's.  In this class you will learn basic footwork, variations, and rhythms in Lindy Hop as well as the concepts of leading and following. We will cover the key pieces to get you dancing on the social dance floor; the basic swingout, swingout from closed, inside and outside turns and 1930s Charleston. 
If you've never taken a dance class before, this is a great place to start..we will start with the basic footwork pattern and progress to the steps and moves.
If you have taken our swing classes before, but have never explored Lindy Hop, this is a great class for you too.
**Please Note...we need a minimum of six people to run this class, so be sure to sign up

9:00-10:00pm Lindy HopII/Charleston
Yes even MORE 1930's Charleston variations in this class!  We will focus on side-by-side charleston variations in this class, which will include skaters as well as creative transitions and unique variations.  You will learn how to incorporate these moves into your Lindy Hop and continue to work on your lead and follow technique.

*Please Note...we need a minimum of six people to run this class, so be sure to sign up

Common Questions/Helpful Tips:

Do I need a partner?
No-- Swing is a lead and follow dance-- so we often rotate during our classes so you can test whether you are actually leading and following and not just doing the steps because you know what comes next. If at all possible we try to balance the class--this is why we encourage you to pre-register, and have price breaks for couples. Swing dancers are very friendly and at any given dance rarely dance with the same partner the entire night.
What do you mean by Lead and Follow?
The lead in this dance is the person leading the moves and the follow follows these moves. Generally the male is the lead and females are follows--this is how we run our classes. But you will sometimes see our dancers mix it up and leads will dance with leads and follows with follows!
What do I wear?
Comfortable clothes that you can move in...jeans and t-shirts are common-- some folks are coming from work and are in casual dressy--whetever you are most comfortable with. We generally do a warm-up and you are moving for an hour so be prepared to get a little sweaty.
Shoes should be comfortable with a leather bottom--rubber, such as sneakers tends to grip the floor and not allow much freedom in movement. Dancers often wear street shoes and then change in to their dance shoes before class to keep the soles clean and free of dirt and grit as well as to protect wood floors.
Parking at Ohio Theatre
Please be aware that there are often special events downtown during the times of our classes so leave a few extra minutes for parking. Meters are free after 6:00pm-- but do fill up when there is an event, such as a show at the Ohio Theatre. If you can not find a meter, parking is available at City Center Parking Garage off 3rd or Rich Streets or in the State House Parking Garage off 3rd. I have usually parked for about 3 to 4 hours in these garages and paid no more than $3.00

Name Price Fee
Beg Lindy Hop I - Individual $40 $1
Beg Lindy Hop I - Couple (Lead and Follow) $65 $1.62
Lindy Hop II/Charleston - Individual $40 $1
Lindy HopII /Charleston - Couple (Lead and Follow) $65 $1.62
Both Classes - Individual $75 $1.88
Both Classes-Couple (Lead and Follow) $120 $3

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