Unity Church--Unitarian: Making a Difference

When was the last time you:

  • Really felt heard?
  • Felt deeply connected to a group of people?
  • Felt your input had an impact on the future?

Come to a workshop “Unity Church Unitarian—Making a Difference,” sponsored by the Board of Trustees, and experience all three.

 Why is the Board sponsoring these workshops?

We need your input to update our “ends,” the statements that tell us where the church is going the next five years.

 Why is the theme “Making a Difference”?

We want to hear the best ways the church has already made a difference, whether personally to you and your family, locally to the community or the state, or globally to the nation or the world, so that we can figure out how to build on those strengths for the future. 

 How do these workshops build deep connections?

In the workshop you’ll tell a partner about a peak moment when you experienced Unity Church Unitarian making a difference--to you, to your family, to your community, to the nation or to the world. A time when you felt affirmed in your decision to be a part of this community. Your partner will then summarize your story to a group of four, and your group of four will find the connections between those stories and the themes that connect them. As we did five years ago, we plan to paper the walls of the church with your flipcharts summarizing those connections and themes and then take them on retreat to imagine a future where our best possibilities are fully alive. Then, we’ll translate those possibilities into ends statements to guide our future direction.

 This sounds like work—do I really want to participate?

Listen to the comments from previous participants:

“It was most valuable to see and realize the common threads of experience and interests in being a member of this church”

“I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the vision for the church’s future. Also the opportunity to connect with other church members—just what I’m hoping to see more of.”

“I really enjoyed the small group dynamics. Wonderful opportunity to learn from other members what they have experienced, what they value. I have met four new friends.”

“It was amazing how many things came out of my stories!”

 “Initially I was skeptical, by the end of the evening, I was very happy I participated.”

“I was a bit worried that this would be too much thinking and work but it turned out to be an enjoyable experience. Thanks for taking the time to listen to our thoughts and wishes.”

“Coming into the evening I was admittedly not excited about having to interview and share etc. but found it valuable by the end of the evening.”

 OK, I’m in. How do I participate?

Select the number of spaces you9d like to reserve and click on "register" above. Get your friends and small group members to participate with you as a way to get to deepen your connections to them and to add as many voices as possible to this process.

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