Reiki Level II Practitioner

                                     Animal/Human Reiki Level II 

Deepen your connection to the animals in your life as well as to the healing method of Reiki. You will be given the sacred symbols that enable you to channel the healing energy on a more profound level when healing yourself, and other people or animals in your life! Many students attest to the life-transforming changes that occur for them following a Level II attunement!
Are you ready for a new path?

Please note: Due to the already-packed curriculum, this course offers the standard teachings of level II practitioner training, including but not focused on applying the teachings to animals.
If you have Reiki Level I from other schools and wish to expand your practice to animals, you may need to apply for the Advanced Animal Reiki Program TBA shortly)  

**Becoming a healer requires an answer to a calling, passion, and compassion for all life. It also requires specific training in the Ethics, Responsibility, and Effective communication skills that "come with the territory." We will be discussing these aspects during the Level II class, and in a more in-depth manner during the Advanced Animal Reiki TeleCourse for those wishing to transform their lives and career.

Animal/Human Reiki Level II

(Minimum of Animal / Human Reiki Level I required)

♦A complete Reiki II Manual  

♦Reiki II Attunement / Initiation

♦The sacred symbols of Reiki, their meaning, and how to apply them in healing

♦Distance healing method (people, self, animals)

♦Balancing and clearing the Chakra System

♦Self Protection & Clearing methods for healers

♦The Ethics & Responsibility of becoming a practitioner

♦Applying the Sacred Symbols to working with animals

Emotional / Mental Clearing symbol and its application with animals or people
  (e.g. aggression, fear, or anxiety)

♦Hands-On Group Reiki session   

♦Certificate of Completion of Level II Practitioner training 

                **Seats are very limited to allow for small group discussion**

Tuition: $185.00 plus $50.00 reg. deposit.
Please see: for more info and to register
Exact location and further details will be emailed to students following registration

                                                  About the Instructor:

Shiri R. Joshua, M.A., is a Usui Reiki teacher /master, Spiritual teacher and speaker, and registered psychotherapist in private practice. Shiri is the founding director of the Canadian Centre for Pet Loss Bereavement ( and the Centre for Human & Animal Healing ( based in Vancouver, BC

Shiri is offering this animal / human healing course and Human-Animal Bond relationship consultations as part of a calling to help awaken humanity to animal wisdom and healing to those  limited number of students who are ready for this transformative path.

Tel. 778-319-7387

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