Mt Shasta Full Moon Summer Solstice "Lemurian Legacy" 2010

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Little Fox ... Time is just not the same anymore, to put it mildly! That was certainly a life changing weekend for me in so many ways. To discuss the crystal city and its inhabitants, the grid work, and our star family and off-world origins, etc., openly, with people who know what I know, what a huge gift! I felt among kin for the first time in many moons.... - Susan S. "Starseed Family Gathering New England 2008

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Please review these Updates for June 20th 2010:

1. Because of the popularity of this beautiful 5D connecting, dancing, movement, breathing, playing, healing, clearing, remembering and true Ascension based embodiment ... annual event ... We are so pleased to announce the added assistance of a private sponsor which will assist more of our soul family members in accompanying us for the love filled heart opening & remembering journey ...

... The Early Bird registration abundance amount of $156.0 for the entire weekend journey has been extended until JUNE 24th 6pm. With grace and ease we see that many more of our fellow Ancient Wayshowing & soul family members can now participate in this wonder-filled, must experience "Family Gathering" of like minded Lightworkers, Starseeds, Elven, Elemntal, Devic, Melchizedek, Shaman/Shamaness, Divine Feminine Code Keeping, Lemurian, Atla-Ra` Egyptian Mystery School, 5D & true Earth-Keeping stewards of the next 7 Generations ...

See more details here:

NOTE: If you have desired to participate in or missed out on one of our previous: Light-Body quotient raising, Higher vibration lifting experiences and/or the past "Remembering Your Lemurian", Angelic, Elemental and Ancient spiritual legacy events in the past ... this is the time to GO FOR IT!

AHO! ♥ Many blessing and heart felt appreciation to our benefactor/s for allowing more to join our soul family re-union. ♥


THEN PLEASE REGISTER HERE ASAP as of June 21st we have only 3 spots remaining ...

                                            * * * * * * WE HAVE WONDERFUL NEWS * * * * * *

2. Our Early Bird camping will be located right @ the bottom of the incredible Black Butte Mt just off the base/foot of beautiful Mt. Shasta ... This is only offered to participants for camping ... ONLY on Friday evening's Dream-Time Download.

If you wish to have indoor accommodations or do not have sleeping bag gear for this particular evening ... please let us know or seek accommodations from the list of options below marked in the Accommodations section ... thank you.

We strongly feel, as will you, that this offer to assit and aid in creating simple community style accommodations at both locations is most generous of our benefactor/s ... above and beyonfd the norm thye have been ... guaranteed ... The energy at both locations are sacred and incredible to say the least ...

"Thank you dear sistar Saralise for your contribution in making this an incredible adventure" - L/F & Family Gatherings


For those who who are not familiar ... Black Butte is the Main Headquarters of the Beloved Ascended Master Adamus St. Germain of The Sacred Violet Ray. For directions to this wonderful energy and accommodations ... please register ASAP and a full explanatory e-mailed itinerary with directions will be sent to you ASAP.

Register here:

3. Saturday & Sunday Accommodations: Our headquarters for the main event during Saturday & Sunday (day) is at the beautiful Stewart Mineral Springs 3 story A-Frame building.

We are offering ... for a short time & only while they last ... VERY VERY VERY inexpensive accommodations at this wonder-filled LARGE community style living space which is located right on the world renowned mineral spring's property and will have sleeping accommodations for 13+ with many bedrooms, dorm rooms, baths and ample space available to choose form for our energetic play and 5D community style residence during our high energy clarity seeking/energetic clearing/soul growth development & divine play, dance, breath, movement and remembering blissed filled soul refreshment weekend.

* Note:Dorm room and sleeping bag accommodations are $10 per night while private bedrooms may incur a slight additional $15 - $20 per night abundance exchange for reserving on a 1st come - 1st serve bases with availability determined the day of and while you/we arrive on-site ... This is an unheard of and grand blessing/potential to take advantage of dear ones ...


See the details of the A-Frame space below and then register asap with your desired accommodations in the notes. An e-mail will be sent post haste in response.

This is a favorite of our regular participants and will be a great sanctuary for our gathering into higher clarity, light, vibrations and clearing so as to remember and embody our true purpose.

Once again ...

Please register ASAP below to receive your full instructions:

NOTE: If you have already made plans for accommodations and would like to be in the community style A-Frame sanctuary with the rest of the soul family for Saturday & Sunday day/eve ... Our suggestion is to please contact your reservations department at your original space of choice and cancel * * NOW * * so that a penalty may not be administered ...

4. Meals: This is a bring your own food stuffs (family pot luck style) for this energetically enclosed and loving womb space event. We will share recipes and discover the joys of eating higher vibration based RAW & vegetarian meals ... and with a kitchen like this ... we will be available to enjoy each others company in this safe and truly community based sanctuary ... during the entire event for true 5D family style meal preparations in the A-frame's rather large kitchen.

5. A SPECIAL MSSG: Because of the loving donation from the above aforementioned private sponsor/s ... all retreat facilitation abundance exchange energy is to be on a LOVE donations bases. SO please share this opportunity with all who resonate and have a TRUE desire to know the 5D community, embodiment and expansion energies.

Note: High vibration water consumption, energy/physical cleansing, Raw and Vegetarian foods are greatly suggested before, during and after this type of energy adventure. And, as always ... follow your personal truth no matter what.

Let us know how we can assist you in making this sacred journey ... your reality!

... more info below ...

This will be one of our Grandest Soul Family retreats and energy clearing -raising- Blue Print embodiment - re-membering - Real Ascension based Family Gatherings ... ever ... ! ♥ !

*** CHOOSE , TRUST ... & ALLOW ***

"May the beauty of this day be ours to create ... and then breath into our fullness so as to share our light! Yes, share your special flavor of love with all who choose to see it." - Lemurian Elders Council - Through Little Fox

Call 401-714-4735 for info not found in our registration pages ... or ...

E-mail to register and get further details.

Upon registering you will receive valuable information via the e-mail above to bring more grace and ease to your Full Moon journey and ... beyond.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

6. Announcing the "2010 Mt Shasta Energy Portal & Vision Quest Eco Tour

When? Monday June 28th 2010

AND ...

Potential sweat Loge journey with local Mt Shasta Shaman Matthew Bueno

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


"Yes, it was the most riveting & powerful day of my LIFE!!! I was convinced that I am not alone.... LOL & Crying....:) You really know how to back up your words Little Fox ....... I send you love from the bottom of my heart.....I love you all....." - Marybeth xxx of San Fransisco of the 2009 Mt Shasta Lemurian Legacy Event

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In conclusion of this June 20th update:

We welcome one and all to the Land of MU` for the Full Moon initiations during our annual Summer Solstice 2010 family gathering. In grace and ease we choose to see all who desire this journey to be able to have the support, encouragement, collaboration and resources to join Soul Family for an uplifting, refreshing and reunion based true Ascension light experience.

Join us and then see, feel and know what it means to be loved ... unconditionally so by your entire soul family and spirit.

"Remembering Your Lemurian Legacy" Event Page:

“Mount Shasta is not just a place to visit for wisdom … or to simply remember one’s foundation upon the Earth in the way of purpose … but … it is also a place where wisdom is founded I tell you. You come not just to contemplate that past but to also bring in the New. A potential based upon your own special wisdom that is to be melded with the past and yet renewed with the vigor of the future. You are to bring forth the expressions of your “Newly Founded” truths revealed.” – Consciousness of Gaia - Through Little Fox

* * * * * * * * * * * * * End of Update June 20th * * * * * * * * * * * *

Original Download for this event;

Greetings to all of our dear brother and sistars...

After a beautiful download and a few super (natural) multi-dimensional experiences during our 2 month long Australia workshop/grid activation tour earlier this year … and ... with the added initiations of an expanded Light City activation for Taos/Santa Fe New Mexico (New Lemuria) ... and ... while visiting The Eagle’s Nest mountains of Angel Fire ... A message came through with visions and insights from our entire family in spirit, 5D and GAIA (Telos/Lemurian Councils, Star Council, Inner Earth & the Ascended Masters) based on the dynamic potentials for 2010 and beyond.

In short … The New Lemuria is NOW!!!

Dear ones we are asked to bring in all of our international Brothers & Sistars ... to gather for the re-congregating, remembering, refreshment, reuniting and re-training of the Planetary Priesthoods, Planetary Council members, Grid & Ley Line Workers, the 4 & 5D + New Earth Community builders, Sacred Space Holders & Earth-Keepers ... And, we are to invite you to one of our original “homes” away from “home” … The beloved & sacred Mt Shasta ... the place it all started.

We welcome one and all to the Land of MU` for the Full Moon initiations during our annual Summer Solstice 2010 family gathering.

“Mount Shasta is not just a place to visit for wisdom … or to simply remember one’s foundation upon the Earth in the way of purpose … but … it is also a place where wisdom is founded I tell you. You come not just to contemplate that past but to also bring in the New. A potential based upon your own special wisdom that is to be melded with the past and yet renewed with the vigor of the future. You are to bring forth the expressions of your “Newly Founded” truths revealed.” – Consciousness of Gaia - Through Little Fox

Beloved Earth Angels ... we are being guided/directed to gather the various beings who feel the call as: Planetary / Ceremonial Priest & Priestess, Cosmic Love Code Keepers, members of Angelic & Galactic Teaching Orders (The Melchezideks), Earthly/Inner Earth/Star based Council members of various soul family members who will anchor in planetary/galactic POD’s & Temple Based Communities, Sacred Site & Crystalline grid Nodal Gate-Keepers – Galactic/Universal Council members … back together for a world-wide-work of training/remembering, traveling & regular ceremonial service at sacred sites during the various Energy Portal openings of the Great Central Sun, Moon Cycles, Star-Gate Alignments, Equinoxes and Solstices ...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"The time is NOW to embody your Original Blue Prints & re-member your Lemurian Legacy while connecting with Mother Earth and the elemental energies of GAIA, Inner Earth & The Great Central Sun ... Ascension is at hand and to traverse this new cycle in your experience with complete grace and ease ... is your birthright. It is time for you all to make ... HOME ... once again." - The Star Council - Through Little Fox

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Early-bird Discount for Advanced registration available here unitl June 24th 2010:

* Extra Bliss-ed Filled Bonus *

A Family Gathering gift of a complimentary ... "Sauna" ... adventure at world renowned "Steward Miner Springs"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(Note: It also feels strongly that we will be gathering the Planetary Priestly Class on the Island of Maui and the various Hawaiian Islands that are connected to the Masculine & Feminine planetary energies of Gaia. So stay tuned. This “may” commence during the Fall Equinox. As you may know, the Lemurian Divine Feminine Goddess frequencies as very much concentrated and alive/re-awakening in these special places on Earth.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A full itinerary will be presented by e-mail upon Registration or at our official Meet & Greet ... Dream-time sharing ... on the evening of June 25th @ 6pm at Black Butte & in beautiful Steward Mineral Springs ... our play grounds for the Friday eve weekend Download ... see links below for more info and register for directions to various sites mentioned.

In the mean time ...

Here is a list of the potential energies we shall share during our Lemurian Legacy journey:

Dear ones know that we share a mixture of many energies, modalities, teachings, sharing, energetic technologies and holographic expressions with channeled Satsangs, breath techniques, meditations, energy DNA attunements, movements, mudras, colors, sound healing, dance, elemental expressions, crystalline chambers, grids and ancient/star based ancient mystery school & star temple based activities to help us all in ...

1. Connecting to the Inner Earth Sun, the Solar Logos and The Great Central Sun as clear conduits for the Crystalline energies coming in from The Great Central Sun, our Solar logos, the Photon Belt. This shall be enjoyed through ceremony, energy attunements and channeled messages from The Great Kachina, Alceyon teh keeper of the library and Achashic of this Universe & The Great Central Sun, the beings directing the New Earth energies ... keepers of the next seven generations know as the "Children of The Sun".

Long before others remembered the potential for connecting with the great central sun as in ancient times ... Little Fox and the Star Council have been reminding how all can have grace and ease in their ascension process and heal, be rejuvenated and gain immortality ... through the energies of the G.C. Sun, the Inner Earth Sun & Elemental realms. It shall be a masterful experience and a grand remembrance of times past working in grace ease for the planetary ascension process ... along with the natural energies of GAIA & The Great Central Sun. Stay Tuned!

2. By using these connections we will assist you in channeling & embodying your wisdom keeping master human aspects & y/our multi-dimensional, Galactic and Universal selves that we are each bridging from the other star systems/planets/galaxies and Universes (Pleaidies, Sirius B, Andromeda, Arcturus, Maya, Lyra, Venus, Orion, Dahl etc ... etc ... etc.)

3. By grounding our energies we improve our clarity and connection to the planet as clear channels/conduits to the dimensions through the Elemental energies, Inner Earth energies and by connecting with or embodying the many energies of the Ancient Tree Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Mineral Kingdom, Crystal Kingdom, Human Kingdom and the Goddess frequencies of Gaia's many Elemental Weaves. We shall have beings such as Celtic & Elemental High Preistess Dana, Thesadarus the Tree Man, The Sisterhood of the Rose, The Brotherhood of The Oak, The Ancient Multi-dimensional Trees of the Redwoods, Antharus the resident Blue Master Dragon of Telos, King of the Deva kingdom Timothy Sumner & Lord Pan the Master of the elemental realms all within the guidance and direction of the Earth Goddesses: Mariah of wind, Pelee of Fire, Isis of Water & Gaia of Earth.

"You must "Make Home" while here in the pysical planes of Earth and ground yourselves in the Human aspect so as to be unbounded in your awareness, "I Am" consciousness & multi-dimensional selves in full surrender and ... with an "Open Heart." - The Pleaidian Council

4. We shall enjoy-fully "be" connecting to various energy sites in and around Mt Shasta while embodying the various available chakra, portal & Ascension power centers as we expand your energy during the Lemurian Legacy journey.

5. A re-introduction and direct connection to your family/aspects in the Temples of The 7 Sacred Rays, The Hidden Rays & the Goodess Rays /frequencies of the 5th Dimensional Lemurian city of Telos ... This wonderful wonder-filled crystalline city has thrived for millenniums & still exist today in great vigor and for our support under beloved Mount Shasta. We'll guide you through the same initiations, ancient ceremonies that we/I used to remember ... and we shall channel - traverse various multi-dimensional journeys & meditations at sacred sites, energy portals, singing stones, Ascension Rock near known entrances and doorways ... allowing us a stronger connection into the beloved mountain.

(Note: We strive to support only the most light & love based integrity & discernment for this experience ... at these sacred spaces. So please realize that eligibility to join us for this portion is determined by Little Fox and the Ascended Masters joining us for this majikal experience. Be aware that this is by invite * * ONLY * * and may include light exercise & hiking etc.)

6. Last but not least ... The Ascension Chamber.

... Need we say more ...

With the assistance of opening up your energy through breath, body movements, energy attunements, high vibration meditations and a deep cord severing/energy clearing release process ...

... our brothers and sisters in the skies and under the mountain ... along with the Ascended Masters: Adamus High Priest Of Telos, Adamus St Germain of The Violet Flame RAY, Serapis Bey of The Dazzling White Ascension RAY, Lord Sananda, Lord Hilerion and Luchia-Micha (the first female human to ascend from Earth)

... will assist in grand fashion .... all who are ready, who choose to open their hearts even more and are energetically ready to embody more light, desire to raise their vibration and clear, cleans, clear, detox, balance your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies & divine masculine / feminine energies to have more grace and ease in your personal ascension process. This is not to be missed beloved family.

7. Updates on "The Great Shift into 2012" ... and beyond ... energy update. It's time to get clarity and an update/info/clarity/new truths about subjects such as:

The Planetary Ascension Process
The Great Shift of 2012 and Beyond
Ascension of the Human Kingdom
Sacred Union, Soul Mate & Twin Flame Clarifying
First Contact Potentials and update
Underground & Star Family Messages & Updates about the 3 days of darkness during the actual shift itself


"Grounding THE PROPHESIED - NEW LEMURIA AND HELIOPOLIS - potentials in the middle Americas and New Mexico"

Etc Etc etc ...

* ♥ *

NOW - Meet your Facilitators:

- Little Fox Brown Long Tree

Little Fox or WaGOSH in his native tongue, is also known by the Inner Earth Kingdoms, the 15D Elven Weave, the Pre & post Telos Lemurians under beloved Mt Shasta, The various Star Councils and the Atla-Ra (Atlantis/Egyptian Ancients as ... "The Peaceful One" and keeper of the Ancient Book as well as the protector and guide for the Divine Feminine Energies returned ...

"With "New Energy" lectures, teachers, authors, artist, wisdom keepers, musicians and healers from many traditions, spiritual families, disciplines, regions, nations, mystery schools, stars nations, modalities, communities, ancient knowledge/ceremonies and languages ... ... ... We choose to let go of our energetic hiding and find each other so as to remember and feeeeeel what it means to bring the energies of "HOME" & "The New Earth" into the Oness, Wholeness & Unity that we/you are... in the NOW! For you are NOT - nor have you ever - been alone dear ones!" - L/F

- Saralise Antara Nada Azrael

Saralise is a planetary divine feminine wisdom keeper. A Sacred Shamangelic High Priestess of Light, Priestess of the AvaSha Goddess Temple of Mt. Shasta, Doctor of Vibrational Medicine, Founder and Executive Director of the Legion of Light Global Ministries. As a current resident of Mt Shasta ... her energy and presence will assist all in understanding further the mystical and majikal elements of the Beloved Mt Shasta.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Please note dear ones that many who have attended these events in the past 3 years with us have come out of the experience completely transformed, tapped into there higher selves, their purpose, ready to own their self mastery. We shall all emerge as changed beings who are filled with much light, clarity, re-membering. And our reward shall be a clearing of blockages and the various energetic smogs/baggage that keeps one from having the clarity they wish for these fast paced, expansive & evolutionary times leading into the Great Shift ... and beyond.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Those who feel called to this purpose are to be assisted by creating a virtual vessel for all to share their/our collective Wisdom / Rays / Art / Music / Gifts / Modalities / Books & Teachings ... for soul family who are ready and serious about "TRUE" ascension with accelerated & highly focused planetary service / council meetings / Small & Intimate Ascension retreats / Self Mastery forums / workshops / planetary energy gestalt/portal/vortex and ancient Star / Inner Earth based ceremonial gatherings.

It is time to take off the training wheels and feel deeply into our complete beingness where our Soul’s Code, Original Blueprint & True Purpose based energies are directing us … into the Grand Schema of The Great Shift … as Way-Showers, Beacons, Light Bearers and the Tips of the Spear.

There are many reasons many are feeling and are being encouraged with gentle reminders to raise their vibration & light quotient by cleaning up their energy, life choices, relationships (shifts), human behaviors, manifestation abilities, physical - emotional - mental & spiritual bodies.

Know that NOW is the time to start choosing at what level you are wishing to participate in the grandest story ever told and this year’s increased Solar Wave expression/s in the planetary, galactic and universal Ascension process.

"Fung Shui your inner and outer world and your dreams … our dreams … will come true.

: ♥ BIG HUGS ♥ :

Your Brother In Spirit
& Humble Servant
- L/F

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
! * ALERT * !

The Early-Bird "Grace & Ease" Abundance Exchange is : $165 + fees

... if completed through the link below before full moon June 24th ...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Cell Phone for details not here: 401-714-4735

Note: Final details will be sent via the Family Gathering email and/or newsletter.

Please e-mail us as soon as you reserve your spot by e-mailing your intentions and questions to:

Abundance exchange:

$165 + fees for Early-Bird Registration before June 24th 6pm

$199 + fees if After June 24th 6pm 2010

Advanced registration here:

MAIL Checks and money orders can be collected on sight prior to participating ....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Additional Accommodations for those not choosing or able ot stay on site at the above mentioned Stewart Mineral Springs Community style A-Frame Sanctuary:

Additional outdoor camping sites are available off site for a very modest fee. Please connect via e-mail and we will provided you with more updated info.

(Note: You are responsible for finding your part-time abode during this adventure if not staying at the Early Bird camp site on Black Butte or the Stewart A-Frame Sanctuary. Below you may find potential spaces to stay through the sources mentioned or make it a true pilgrimage and discover your own.) : This beautiful location has many cabins, Tepees, motel rooms etc

Additional sites for accommodations:

Mt Shasta Bed & Breakfasts: Shasta - Cascades/


♥ One ♥

* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *

Enjoy these references that can prepare you for the journey so as to be in your Personal Power ready and open hearted to receive and surrender to your Original Blue Print:

Luchi-Micha Releasing energies:

Beloved Mount Shasta:

The return of the Avatars:

What is a Walk-In?:

What The Dark Night of the Soul means for the Masters returning:

Energy Management & the Art of Ancient Solar Gazing:

Solar Gazing Master Hiram Manek

Your Lemurian History:

The Star Seeded Soul:

Goddess entrainment and remembering:

Divine Universal White Light Energy Technology Initiation:

The book of most importance for our times is "TELOS, Volume 3 - Protocols of the Fifth Dimension". The Ascension process is explained and your memories that lay dormant in your DNA will be triggered for your personal Ascension & full embodiment process to be continued into even grander expressions.

Soul Mates & Twine Flame Reunion:

Soul mates and twine flame re-unions for Sacred Union and a Creation of "The New Earth":


We choose to see you all there in great splendor and grace and ease for your journeys ... no matter where you go ... know that oyu are loved ... unconditionally so.

Your brother and servant

Little Fox
Of the Ancients
The Peaceful One

"We are that which you are and you are that which we are ... there is and never was any separation dear hearts. For you are deeply loved. Remember to love yourselves." The Star Council through L/F

Name Sales End Price Fee
Before June 24th 6pm Early-Bird Discounted Single Reg.   Ended $165 $5.12
Single registration for after June 24th 6:00 pm   Ended $199 $5.97

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