How To Locate and Work with A Virtual Legal Assistant

How To Locate and Hire A Legal Virtual Assistant


You know you need help, but:


(a) you work from a home based office and prefer not to share your living space with a "co-worker"

(b)  the space allotted to your firm is at capacity or you just can't seem to find a "good" legal secretary

(c) your workflow doesn't justify the cost of a full time assistant

(d) you've always done everything yourself and have no idea where to start or what an assistant can do


Did you know there is a way to maximize your firm's overall productivity; increase morale and literally get more done with less - less time, less resources and less stress? 



By locating and hiring a virtual legal assistant.  Virtual legal assistants are contract workers who help lawyers and law firm administrators with common office tasks remotely.


The problem?  Anyone with an internet connection and dream can call themselves a "virtual assistant" and popluar books have people believing VA's are a dime a dozen and competent individuals can easily be found for pennies on the dollar.

In this 60-minute LIVE teleclass, join Master VA Andrea Cannavina (a/k/a LegalTypist) and Alberta's own popular @HaloSecretarial, Laurie Mapp, as they present real-life examples, practical considerations and the pros and cons of locating, working with and managing the virtual legal assistant relationship.

This session will specifically cover:

  • What a virtual legal assistant is and. more importantly, is not
  • Which tasks, duties and processes are most easily outsourced
  • In house, in country or off shore- does it really matter
  • Confidentiality and security
  • The right tech for the job



About The Presenters:

Andrea Cannavina, Master Virtual Assistant

As the founder of LegalTypist, Inc., Andrea is a seasoned legal VA who has been helping attorneys upgrade to digital and use the power of the internet and virtual legal assistance for 8 years. Supporting law firm clients across the US, Andrea doesn't just suggest ways that could help - she gives real life examples of the tech and systems you can put into use with a virtual legal assistant to literally get the work done. Having incorporated her VA practice into firms of 1-100, Andrea doesn't just give lip service - she has practical, day to day working knowledge of what a firm can accomplish with the right VA. Set up a FREE one-on-one call with Andrea here


Laurie Mapp, Virtual Legal Assistant

As the founder of Halo Secretarial Services, an Alberta based Virtual Assistant practice which caters to attorneys in both the US and Canada, Laurie has unique insights into setting up and maintaining virtual relationships.

Please note class size is limited and all classes are recorded.

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