LCI-TX-Chapter >> Percent Plan Complete (PPC): Flywheel of Last Planner®

Presentation Title:          Percent Plan Compete (PPC) as the Flywheel of the Planner® System


Presenter:                      Dean Reed, DPR Construction’s Lean Champion and LCI Veteran


Program Abstract:  Scoring, understanding and reporting why work was not completed as planned is often not done well or at all by teams implementing the Last Planner System. Dean Reed will explain why and how teams should do this well. He will share his experience working with project teams both in Design and Construction. Dean will ask attendees to consider:

What is your process to determine your project percentage complete?  Is it a true reflection of what is really going on, on your project?  Why are you concerned with project percentage complete? Does payment performance depend on it?


Date:                                                  Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Value-Added Proposition:  Attendees will discover ways to keep projects on track to achieve on-time completion.  They will learn how the Plan-Do-Check-Act process can help project team members work on appropriate tasks to maximize and obtain a true percentage complete for their projects. 


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Agenda Outline: 

1) Introductions: Welcome to LCI - Texas Chapter 

2) Salad Chat: What have you learned or observed about lean? What is your level of expertise in terms of lean project implementation? 

3) One-to-Two Minute Introductions: Share your results using lean concepts on projects and in your offices.   

4) "Lightning Round" Requests for Future Topics: Each person can request a future topic for discussion (e.g., lean assessment, implementing lean, use of 5S, identifying waste) 

5) Main Speaker 

6) "Lightning Round" Questions: Share your comments and questions about the presentation 

7) Plus / Delta / Next Meeting / Closing

Name Sales End Price Fee
LCI Members / P2SL Members Ended $65 $1.3
Non-Members Ended $90 $1.8
One-Year Individual LCI Membership Ended $200 $4

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