Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction-Audio Meditations

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Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction

Maria Mar offers digital audios with guided ceremonies and meditations specially created to help you use your Female Secrets to activate and quicken the Law of Attraction.


The Audio Series


Series No. 1 offers 3 audios and 3 ebooks that guide you through three powerful journeys of manifestation:


The Sacred Vessel: Harness the Power of Receptivity. Maria Mar guides you in the process of cleansing your subtle body and opening a space to magnetize your desire.Read more.


Gestate your Dream: Use your WombPower to Birth your Dream. Maria Mar explains what your WombPower is and guides you in a meditation to magnetize the seed of your dream into your Psychic Womb, so that you can harmonize with it and feed it into solid reality.Read more.


Shifting the World: Powerful practice used by shamans and Spiritual Warriors to align themselves with their desire, quickening manifestation.Read more.

  • Easily downloadable

  • In the healing voice of artist-shaman Maria Mar

  • Use one or use them all in order for an ongoing ceremony of gestating, birthing and breastfeeding your dreams.

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Easily downloadable.


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Audio Meditation

The Sacred Vessel

Harness the Power of Receptivity

Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction



Audio and Ebook


Guided visualization and meditation to harness the power of receptivity and become the Sacred Vessel for your desire.


Through breath, visualization and the ancient shamanic practice of creating a Sacred Vessel, you release the obstacles that stand between you and your desire and create a nest where it is magnetized to land.


While using Active Receptivityto cleanse your subtle body, you experience the side effects of relaxation, inner peace and the cleaning of emotional clutter.


This practice helps with cleansing away many of the obstacles that obstruct manifestation in women: shame, guilt, fear and anger, among them.


ONLY $15

Easily downloadable.



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Ritual Potion in a cyber bottle!

Gestate your Dream



Audio and Ebook


  • Use your first Female Secret in the Law of Attraction, your WombPower.


  • Tap into the seed of your dream inside you and harvest it in your Psychic Womb.


  • Gestate your Dream like you gestate a baby and feel it becoming real in you and around you.

  • This is a powerful ceremony that you can carry on for nine months, and see your dream baby be born into the light!


As you gestate your "Dream Baby" you begin to harmonize with your dream, to feed it with your emotions and to create a life that nurtures your dream.


The practice of gestating your "Dream Baby" is organic to women, who find it easy and doable. This practice helps you give yourself the time and energy that you may otherwise not sustain for your dream.


ONLY $15

Easily downloadable.





Hear Maria Mar talk

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Audio Meditation

Shifting the World


Audio and Ebook


  • Radically accelerate the manifestation process.

  • Move beyond the Law of Attraction to the Law of Alignment.

  • Aligning yourself vibrationally with what you want unlocks blockages in the Law of Attraction.

  • Avoid energy ruptures that result from pushing yourself to change too rapidly.

  • Get quick insights on what is holding you back.

  • Change the vibrational frequency in your energy bodies that keeps you stuck in the past.

  • Get clarity on what you want and feed the energy frequency that attracts it.

  • Begin to feel good about yourself and enjoy the emotional wellbeing of living in your dream even BEFORE it happens.

  • Attract allies, opportunities and resources that accelerate your dream manifestation.

ONLY $15

Easily downloadable.





"I totally love this process, María!
It gives you clarity of what is happening, what can happen and what will happen - and most important - how to place yourself in the driver seat! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom." Blog Comment

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