Raising a Bilingual Child

Raising your child bilingual?

Join other like-minded parents for a discussion with a panel of local bilingual experts and special guest
Barbara Zurer Pearson, author of “Raising a Bilingual Child.”

Panelists to include:
Catherine Poisson - Head of EFNY, which brings French language programs into NY public schools

Carolina Conde - El Pequeno Artista, which offers program and activities in Spanish

Christine Krabs- Wortspiele Spielhause, which offers programs and activities in German

Felicity Miller - Hands on World, which offers preschool and activities in French, Italian and Spanish

Information and practical advice about how to raise kids bilingually will be shared, followed by Q&A and Wine & Cheese.
Details about other language programs and activities in Brooklyn will also be available.
We look forward to seeing you on March 7th!

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