Marketing Matters Teleseminar with Elyshia Carr, MBA

Marketing in a Recession

If you own a real business (on or off line) that's been hurt by the recession...I've got good news:

There absolutely, positively ARE a number of specific recessionary profit marketing stimulators and high performance sales generators that produce relatively quick profit improvements for just about any type or size business out there.

I know you probably feel frustrated, struck, even...almost desperate for better answers, ideas and direction, to take for your business. But it really doesn't have to be this bad for you. Trust me on this.

Turbulent times spin almost everybody's business into a downward profit spiral...most probably it's YOUR business that's suffering, mightily, too.

I know it seems that the recession is fueling incredible problems for every business owner out there --- including, you. But I can probably help you generate a massive turn-around strategy...very quickly.

Seriously, while today's brutal economy has turned down virtually every one of your competitor's businesses --- it actually could turn YOUR business-alone, into a pipeline-of-profits.

If that sounds improbable -- even impossible, it's not. Let me explain AND demonstrate.

First, Change Your Expectations! People don't realize it, but nearly half of my major business success stories have been generated by people in the last six months who dare not give up! So what about you?

I'm extremely well-qualified to instruct, guide and help advise, then direct you on the specific changes you need to make RIGHT NOW to start your business going and growing, right away.

But I really don't believe that a one size, "universal-type" solution fits all. It doesn't work like that when times are good. So it absolutely CAN'T work that way when everybody's trying a lot of the same things to save their business butts.

So if you are in desire need to turn your business around, you need to be on these Tele-Seminars on February 17th and then Part 2 on the 26th at 1:00 pm (EST).

Steps To Register:

1. Once you register, you will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours along with the conference call dial-in number. (We ask that the number not be shared with others, because the seats are limited to those who have paid.)

2. You will receive an email request for general information about your business to give the instructor some background knowledge.

3. Dial in within 10 minutes of the conference call start time and be prepared to change your business profits. You will be able to ask questions or send your questions prior to the event to ensure that your question gets answered.

Thank You and we look forward to Serving You!

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