First Annual Knoxville Overground Startup Awards

You are cordially invited to attend the First Annual Knoxville Overground Startup Awards ceremony and reception after the Entrepreneurial Lollapalooza 2008 at the World Grotto. The doors open at 6PM and the awards ceremony officially starts at 7PM! We'll officially be giving away raffle prizes at 8PM!

We will be recognizing 13 amazing local startups in the Knoxville/Oak Ridge region in various categories (see below) and also celebrating the opening of the EOK/KO workspace in Sequoyah Hills. We will also be officially announcing the incorporation of Knoxville Overground as a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization.

This event is open and free to the public as long as you RSVP here or through facebook

Cocktails will be provided and drinks will be either free or served at a discount.

Given that this is in conjunction with Global Entrepreneurship Week -- -- we're expecting press coverage at the event. If you are with the press please contact the event coordinator Brian Myers at 865-771-2700 or through

Also, please TURN IN YOUR NOMINATIONS for the KO Startup Awards for each of the following categories by November 10, 2008 to

-- PINK --

"Excellence in Entrepreneurship for Women Award"

This award is given to a female entrepreneurial executive that best exemplifies the values of KO such as building community, public service, and demonstrating innovation in business leadership.

-- GREEN --

"Successful Green Startup Award"

What company in Knoxville was one of the early adopters to the emerging green industry boom that has already experienced tremendous success?

-- WHITE --

"Model Nonprofit Entrepreneur Award"

Nonprofits bear the same degree of challenges as for-profit ventures. This award is given to an individual who has over the past three years started up a nonprofit organization from scratch that benefits the community in an innovative way that was only possible with the entrepreneurial spirit of its visionary.

-- RED --

"Power to the Persistent Award"

Entrepreneurs are known for their drive and determination. By the time most people would have given up, these “bulldogs” just got started and never gave up on their vision. This honor is given to the individual who has overcome what seemed to be insurmountable odds but yet still came out on top.

-- BLUE --

"Best Patent of 2008 Award"

Inventors are abundance around Knoxville. What’s been the most exciting patent to be filed in 2008 in Knoxville and by whom?

-- BLACK --

"Elevating Intrapreneurship Award"

Being your own boss isn’t the only way to get involved with a successful venture. Several corporations now of days have to stay on the cutting edge of their learning curve as they continuously explore new emerging markets and develop new brands and products to meet new demands. Who is a model entrepreneurial employee of a company that helps their company position itself for embracing change and new market opportunities?

-- ORANGE --

"Inspiring Website Startup Award"

It’s never been a better time to start up a website business now that after the “dot com boom” we have plethora of case studies regarding what works and what doesn’t. What’s a Web site startup in town that inspires us with its design, marketing, and the value it provides in the market?

-- BROWN --

"Minority in Entrepreneurship Award"

Nominate a minority that you know of that our community regards as a recent and successful entrepreneur.

-- YELLOW --

"Community Organizer for Innovative Collaboration Award"

Which organization or individual in the community is highly regarded for bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and visionaries together to discuss emerging markets, business, and entrepreneurship?

-- SILVER --

"Overground Platinum Award"

Which company / person has done more to help put Knoxville on the map as a “up and coming” entrepreneurial hub for startups and small business?

-- GOLD --

"Overground Gold Award"

Like King Midas, as if they all touch turns into gold, this award is given to a startup in Knoxville that started with relatively little to no capital investment upfront at their birth and yet is now earning a substantial return.

-- PURPLE --

"Best in Biotech Award"

What’s the biotech company that seemed to hit the ground running? For clarification, “biotech” is technology based on biology, especially when used in agriculture, food science, and medicine.

-- TEAL --

"Medical Device Startup Award"

What’s a top medical device startup that demonstrated creativity, caring, and business savvy with a technological development in the medical industry?



1. All nominees must reside at least 35 miles from downtown Knoxville.
2. All businesses must adopt a “triple-bottom line” philosophy – meaning they a) are profitable, b) endeavor to not have an adverse impact on the environment, and 3) seek to improve the quality of life for people.
3. Nominations must be received through before November 10, 2008.
4. Individuals cannot nominate themselves or a company they own.

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