Kickin' Butt and Takin' Names, 101

We9re kicking off 2008 with a GREAT series:

Kickin9 Butt and Takin9 Names, 101

This special series of classes is designed to train you in 4 of the common areas critical to hitting your goals.  The things you will learn in this course are things you9ll be able to IMMEDIATELY APPLY to the work you9re doing later that day.  Each call is packed with information that will help you set yourself up to succeed, deal with your most common challenges and help you become a better manager of your most important employee asset--yourself.

Sessions will take place from 11:05 to 11:55 a.m. M.S.T. so you have time to get a sandwich in your hands before you get trained. 

Your ticket gives you access to 4 different 50 minute calls.  We record each one so you can catch up if you can9t be on the call.  While a single hour with Alecia will cost you between $125 -$250, you can get all 4 calls for only $140.00! 

Just like all our courses, this series will be more intense, more effective and more fun.  Register TODAY and get ready to kick off 2008 with some Maverick style momentum of your own.  It9s going to be a GREAT year. 

Session #1:  January 10, 2008
ACCOUNTABILITY:  Overcoming the Voice in Your Head

There are two voices in your head.  One wants to hit the goal and is willing to do the work and the other one wants to lay on the couch and eat Cheetos. 

In this session, you9ll learn the fundamentals of real ACCOUNTABILITY and how to SET YOURSELF to WIN.  Accountability is not about beating yourself up, or recruiting an “accountability partner” to do it for you.  It’s about putting the structures and support in place to help you when the voices in your head start arguing.  You need reinforcements for the voice that fights for your goals and dreams.  And in this session, you’ll learn how to create them.

Session #2:  January 17, 2008  
Great FAILUREs become Great Successes

Failure is not a problem.  The problem is how long it takes you to recover from a failure and get back into action.  Successful people get back into action quicker and those actions lead to success.  Want more success for yourself?  This call will cover how to become a GREAT failure—one that can get back to work faster.  So while the call is about failure, it’s really about success.

Session #3:  January 24, 2008 
MOMENTUM KILLERS and How to Defeat Them

This session is all about Momentum Killers, those pesky little things that slow you down and get you off track.  They can be little distractions, bad habits, or negative events.  However they show up, they destroy your momentum and make it tough to stay focused and productive.

During this session, you9ll identify your biggest or most harmful Momentum Killers and learn how to develop strategies to minimize their impact on you and your results.  It9s time to show your Momentum Killers who9s really in charge.

Session #4:  January 31, 2008
The REAL SECRET to Success

In this session, you9ll actually learn how to manufacture time, sweet & precious time!  You’ll also learn the secrets of managing all your different priorities.  Specifically, we’ll talk about staying focused on the core activities that generate new business.  People who have implemented these ideas RAVE about how much easier it is to stay focused and performing like a rock star.  


So as we say here at MAVERICK UNIVERSITY...

Get Registered.

Get Results.

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