Key to Entrepreneurial Success

KEY to Success for Entrepreneurs

July 19 2:30pm-5:30pm

Wealth Dynamics was developed as a unique system to helpentrepreneurs to accelerate their business growth. It enables you andyour team members to find your natural talents and strengths (akaWealth Dynamics Profiles) and based on that, you can choose your “pathof least resistance” out of the eight paths to succeess.
Over 100,000 people worldwide have taken this profile test and by doingso have found clarity, direction and ease in their work. ApplyingWealth Dynamics, entrepreneurs find their work less challenging andfrustrating and more enjoyable and fruitful. Here is one example thathappened right here in Hong Kong.

Allan Cheung has been an entrepreneur since 2000 when he founded a B2Becommerce company, a chemical fiber industry consortium, and a softwaredevelopment company. Not knowing his Wealth Dynamics “Creator” profileand his “path of least resistance”, he managed his companies, abd inaddition acquired an ERP company and acted as CEO. As a result ofviolating the strategies clearly stated in Wealth Dynamics, he foundhis work frustrating and painful. Consequently, in 2004 he resigned. For the next 3 years, he tried many other opportunities and throughhard work, he became the top sales and a team manager sellinginvestment products.

In 2007, Allan did his Wealth Dynamics Profile test and “I feltlike a computer getting a system error”. Allan left his company andhis clients behind to search for a new direction utilising the WealthDynamics principals.
Wealth Dynamics allowed Allan to reinvent himself and since then he hasfounded 5 businesses. “The best part is that I have delegated what Iam not good at to people who enjoy doing such work. As a result, weboth find our jobs satisfying” says Allan.

In this talk, Allan will share his personal experience with you:

  • What did not work before he discovered his Wealth Dynamics Profile
  • What shocked him when he discovered his Wealth Dynamics Profile
  • How he used Wealth Dynamics to succeed
  • How Weath Dynamics can help you and your business to grow
  • How to find your key to success for entrepreneurs

Who should attend

  • Entrepreneurs who are already running a business or who aspire to start one soon, or
  • People who are frustrated at what they are doing and want a breakthrough

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If you are one of the above people, we invite you to attend this seminar for FREE.

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