Ken Himmler Presents: AVOID THE IRA TAX TIME BOMB!!!

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Apr 12, 2014 · IRA Tax bomb - YouTube ... YouTube home

401(k) Fees: What You're About to Learn Will Shock You ...

Jun 25, 2012 · ... analysis," said Ken Himmler, ... over time. If your annual property tax is $ ... 401k fees,401kFeeDisclosure,401kFees,Fidelity,Finance ...

Avoid These 8 Common IRA Mistakes |

Sep 03, 2014 · ... and author of "The Retirement Savings Time Bomb ... an IRA for the 2014 tax year must be ... gets a tax advantage at the time the ...

Children Into Beasts

One must admire their wily determination to avoid public ... a sneeze bomb, but as adults we learn to put away these childish ways and open ourselves to the risks of independence. Or not. The DailyKos crowd has surely chosen the latter. -- Ira M.

The American Spectator • 3/7/2008

Grand Jury Decision to Not Indict Michael Brown’s Shooter: NCLR Reacts

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Yesterday, a Ferguson grand jury decided not to bring criminal charges against Darren Wilson, the white police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, this summer in Ferguson, Missouri. The decision …

The Rainbow Times • 11/25/2014

Florida woman found guilty of murdering husband during 'date rape' sex game

She was then handcuffed and wheeled out of the court room in an office chair after Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. ordered her to jail until she's sentenced Feb. 2. She faces a sentence of 25 year to life in prison. She had been free on $100,000 bond.

CBS 12 News • 11/21/2014

401(k) Fees: What You're About to Learn Will Shock You

"Sometimes those investment companies say to the record keeper, 'I'll give you a little bit of the investment to offset your record keeping fees," Credico said. Fidelity, for example, takes a cut from your investment earnings in revenue sharing and pays ...

Daily Finance • By Ross Kenneth Urken • 6/25/2012

Hazelwood bus service may be curbed by budget cuts

Voters approved one tax increase in August but turned down a utility tax measure ... “These people need (the bus service),” said part-time bus driver Ed Kloos. “These buses are provided by the government. Every small community has the service.”

St. Louis Post-Dispatch • 9/27/2014

No, The United States Will Not Go Into A Debt Crisis, Not Now, Not Ever

If there’s one article of faith in Washington (and elsewhere), it’s the idea that the United States might get into a debt crisis if it doesn’t get its fiscal house in order. This is not true. The reason why it’s not true is because we live in a ...

Forbes • 10/19/2012

Personal Finance: What Are the Financial Professionals Reading?

"The Ultimate Gift" by ... and how to avoid "gambling" with your retirement. Personal: "Thinking, Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahneman and "MoneyShift" by Jerry Webman. Title: CFP, Roseville, Calif. Financial: "The Retirement Savings Time Bomb," by Ed …

The Ledger • 7/26/2012

Isis are setting our news agenda. We need to stop playing their game

The murderer is also now presented – and presents himself – as a notorious, indeed celebrity figure (‘I’m back’ the British terrorist who is now called ‘Jihad John’ said directly to President Obama in the second such video). This time ...

The Spectator • 9/14/2014

The Civil War never ended. The neo-Confederate tea party fights on

Let a group of right-wingers ramble for any length of time, and you will soon hear that slavery ... Take a look at Confederacy Theory: And you thought the Civil War was over... Confederacy Theory presents and …

Daily Kos • By Denise Oliver Velez • 9/28/2014

Should The GOP Let The Hard Right Pick The Nominee In 2016?

A nominee who will state without ambiguity that we’re going to bomb ... time something like this has been suggested. Jazz himself made a similar suggestion during the height of the Republican nomination fight in 2012 when he suggested that the GOP ...

Outside the Beltway • By Doug Mataconis • 8/11/2013