Keiretsu Forum Intellectual Property Lecture Series: Patent Law and Strategy for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Keiretsu Forum Intellectual Property Lecture Series 

Course: Patent Law and Strategy for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Wednesday evenings, from 6:00pm to 8:30pm, at Hanson and Bridgett LLP

August 13th, 20th, and 27th

425 Market St., 26th floor

Attendees: Approximately 40 attendees, including CEOs and CTOs from the startup companies that have presented to Keiretsu Forum or are considering presenting to the Keiretsu Forum.


Goals: Inventors and entrepreneurs have four concerns related to patent law: protecting their inventions in the very early stages of product development, determining the patentability of their invention, avoiding infringement of a competitor's patent, and leveraging their patent as a business asset. This lecture series will address each of these concerns.


Instructor: Jeffrey Schox is a Registered Patent Attorney and the founding member of Schox Patent Group (, a boutique patent law firm devoted to startup ventures. Drawing on his experience of over ten years in the patent law field and the filing of over 200 patent applications, Jeffrey strategically advises startup companies. As a Consulting Professor for Stanford University, Jeffrey teaches the course “Patent Law and Strategy” to engineering and business school students and the course “Patent Prosecution” to law students.





o   Types of Intellectual Property

o   Intellectual Property Strategy Models


o   Kinds of Patent Protection and Patent Process

o   Sections of a Utility Patent

o   Subject Matter and Usefulness Requirement




o   Novelty and First-to-Invent Requirements

o   Non-Obviousness Requirement

o   HOW TO: Conduct a Patentability Analysis


o   Infringement Analysis (Literal Infringement and Doctrine of Equivalents)

o   Defenses and Remedies

o   HOW TO: Conduct an Infringement Analysis




o   Publication, Public Use, and On-Sale Limitations

o   Enablement and Best Mode Requirements

o   HOW TO: File a Provisional Patent Application


o   Capturing and Evaluating Inventions

o   Timing and foreign filing considerations

o   HOW TO: Create an Intellectual Property Strategy for your Company

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