jQuery - An Introduction


A new client-side framework has been taking the internet by storm, many have already been mesmerised by the power of such a small javascript library. And "what is the name of this fantastic framework?" I hear you ask, "jQuery" is my reply.

jQuery is a robust javascript framework with a very small footprint (15kb minified and GZipped) which makes the complicated aspects of javascript very simple. From traversing the Document Object Model to complex AJAX functionality, jQuery can do it all.

In this session I will introduce you to the basics of jQuery, showing you, through code, how to select and manipulate elements on the page, attach functions to events, implement ajax and more! This is the perfect opportunity to learn about jQuery and how it can make the life of web developer so much easier, allowing you to focus more on building your application!


Andy is pursuing the final year of an Applied Computing degree at the University of Dundee. Durring his time as a student Andy as also worked for GeoMEM ltd and NCR.  Andy has taught himself a wide variety of languages, technologies and techniques which have aided him in both his university studies and professional work, proving that he is committed to continually learning new things.  Andy is due to graduate in June 2009.


18:45 Doors open
19:00 Welcome
19:10 Part 1
20:00 Break
20:10 Part 2
20:50 Feedback and Prizes
21:00 End

NOTE: This event is repeated in Edinburgh on 8th April.

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