urHolistic - Meetup Mashup - Apr 23rd, 7-9PM (Pre-Pay - $7/@Door - $10)

Hi Everyone,

The energy of spring is moving.  Hope and possibility abound.  Life is rich and we nurture new beginnings, precious hopes.  As always, we offer you, support and knowledge for your unique path.

Several other Meetup groups will join. It should be fun, & interesting.  $10 fee helps pay for renting the room.

Wonderful speakers abound, and a great opportunity to meet, share & network.

1) Katinka Locascio & Simone A. Burgos - Mayan Massage
2) Sylvia Golbin - Experience Munay-ki
3) Ken Campbell - Intro to Energy Kinesiology - ICPKP style

1) Katinka Locascio & Simone A. Burgos - Mayan Massage

"The uterus is the woman's center.   If her uterus is not in proper position and good health, nothing in her life will be right.  She will be as out of balance as her uterus."  - Don Elijio Panti

Based on the work of Dr. Rosita Arvigo & hundreds of years of experience of Mayan midwives & shamans, Mayan Abdominal Massage (MAM) helps improve the flow of lymph, circulation & qi to the abdominal organs.  The work has many applications, including digestive disorders, back pain, infertility, PMS, & prostate health.  This introduction will focus on the MAM & women's reproductive health.  We'll take a detailed look at female pelvic anatomy & discussion our favorite personal stories with the work. 

Katinka Locascio, LMT CST CBP
Mayan Abdominal Massage, Cranial Sacral for Infant and children, BodyTalk, Massage
Simone A. Burgos
Nurture New York Holistic Center


2) Sylvia Golbin - Experience Munay-ki

Munay-ki is the energy of unconditional love.  Learn about nine rites that are passed energetically from master shamans in the Sacred Mountains of Peru to Westerners who want to step into their destiny as healers, seers & visionary leaders. 

This talk will link the prophecies of the Mayan, Incan, & Native American peoples to our current crises.   It is said that in these times the Eagle & the Condor will fly in the same sky.  This means that the mind will finally listen to the wisdom of the heart.

There will be a demo of the bands power & protection & info about ancient ways of manifesting that are accessible in these times to anyone who is willing to walk the medicine path.
Sylvia Golbin, MA MS, Earth Wisdom Teacher & Life Coach, brings the healing wisdom of indigenous cultures to westerners through ritual, journey work & energetic cleansing. Sylvia is available for private healing sessions.

For more information visit www.ConsultNorthStar.com

3)  Ken Campbell - Intro to Energy Kinesiology - ICPKP style
The International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP) teaches a comprehensive, effective & proven energy healing, Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP). This integrated approach educates & empowers not just relieve symptoms, but to actually release root cause.
PKP goes beyond the physical body & includes extensive training in emotional, mental & spiritual areas to produce objective, tangible change quickly, easily & safely to decrease stress, gain energy & vitality, & improve overall health.
PKP draws heavily from ancient Chinese medicine & modern neurology. It uses a form of biofeedback, “muscle testing” to ID imbalances in energy flow & to correct them w/ gentle, non-invasive, but very effective techniques.
Over 350 modes serve as a starting point to find specific energy imbalance, PKP lends itself to be extremely focused & effective for:

• Overall Performance:
Enhance memory & learning
Release past physical & emotional traumas
Promote long-term health & wellness

• The Physical Body:

Address chronic health issues
restore body balance & function; sports injury - prevention &/or recovery
ID energy problems behind unresolved issues.

• The Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Bodies:
Release:    emotional stressors
                  sabotage programs & bad habits
                  mental blocks, stage fright, & performance anxieties
Cultivate:   positive habits
Enhance:   spiritual integration.
In this intro you will learn what PKP is (& isn’t), from Ken Campbell, President-ICPKP.  Ken is a Nurse Practitioner; & Reiki Master since 1987.  
For more info:
about Ken Campbell click here
about Kinesiology click here

I look forward to seeing you Thurs, April 23rd.

Questions/comments about the group, Mashup, or speaking at Mashup, please contact me.

Love & Light,


Joel Elfman
Become More Magnificent!  Live Life At Your Best!


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(Reiki • Energywork - Massage • Bodywork)

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