Holistic Paths (aka Meetup Mashup) - Tues, Aug 25th, 7-9PM ($7 online, $10@door)

Holistic Paths (aka Meetup Mashup)

Tues, Aug 25th, 7-9PM ($7 online, $10@door)

     I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer.  We are getting back on-track starting with a late August offering with some wonderful speakers.

     As usual we'll be bringing together several different Meetup Groups together, all interested in energywork, bodywork, aternative and holistic health.  Each speaker will present for about 20-30 minutes and we'll have breaks in between so everyone can network.

     And we'll finish w/ a 5-10 minute guided meditation.


1)  Katherine Dale Baloch - Fertility awareness & menstrual empowerment
2)  Jade Friedensohn & Maria Andrade - Nutrition and Exercise
     Nutrition for Busy Women - Maria  *&*  Tips for Working out at Home - Jade Friedensohn
3)  Adam Banning - Energy and Community

1)  Katherine Dale Baloch - Fertility awareness & menstrual empowerment

C’mon, get healthy, with Dr. Kate

Congratulations on your bravery to engage in an honest discussion on this clandestine topic. Menstruation stimulates a great flow of discussion on a broad range of levels: from the individual to both a social and a political level. Join Dr. Kate for an honest & informative talk on Women's Health, fertility awareness & menstrual empowerment. In this talk, you will explore alternative menstrual products meant to empower and increase consciousness of your monthly flow. You will also learn to observe the powerful signs from your body to monitor and promote your own fertility. Balancing and harmonizing herbal teas and other natural remedies will be discussed as well.

Dr. Dale has practiced Naturopathic Medicine since 2002 with a specialization in pediatrics and Woman's health. Her gentle and personal, client-centered approach includes the use of herbs, homeopathy, Five Element Theory, and nutrition. She takes a holistic approach to facilitate the natural healing process of the body, considering the individual and the surrounding environment (through Feng Shui). After your initial visit, she guides you on a naturopathic plan that's tailored to you and your needs. And you'll be well on your way towards feeling better, naturally.

email - kdbaloch@hotmail.com
mobile - 347.207.2242
website - http://www.greensister.com

2)  Jade Friedensohn & Maria Andrade - Nutrition and Exercise

Nutrition for Busy Women - TotalBodyFit Nutrition Coach Maria Andrade

Traditionally, women have not been taught to have good boundaries or to take good care of themselves. Moment to moment, seven days a week, 24 hours, a day they are asked to lend their wisdom, skill, creative energy and good cheer to support the growth and success of their employers, husbands, lovers, children and communities while their own needs are put on hold. Like the Great Mother, they have been assumed to have infinite resources. And because they love life and love people, they have dug deeply to provide for them. But sooner or later, one by one, women are discovering that in order to continue to enjoy life with those they love, they have to learn to make more careful choices, to nourish and sustain themselves. At this lecture you will discover simple ways to manage and nurture your busy lifestyle. You will learn how you can use food to create harmony for yourself and your home.

Tips for Working out at Home - TotalBodyFit Fitness Coach Jade Friedensohn

Gym memberships can be expensive and the atmosphere can be somewhat
intimidating to the novice exerciser. Also, the colder winter months that
are approaching are a deterrent for leaving the comfort and warmth of home.
This is why I would like to discuss and demonstrate a few exercises that can
easily be done in the home with minimal equipment. I will be showing an
exercise for the major muscles of the lower body, upper body and abdominals.
I will also provide a means of increasing the intensity of the exercise
using simple and inexpensive equipment that one can conveniently purchase
for permanent use at home.

I will also discuss the importance of weight-bearing exercise as a weapon
against many aging –related problems such as arthritis, osteoporosis, loss
of balance, and weight gain.

Jade Friedensohn
TotalBodyFit Fitness Coach

3)  Adam Banning - Energy and Community


   $7 on-line  $10@door

I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday, August 25th.


Joel Elfman
Transformational Trainer



Empower Your Life!
See Joel’s Google Profile

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