NLP-Hypnosis Meetup - Meditations - Aug 5th, Wed. night, 7-9 PM

NLP- Mtup - Meditations

Wed, Aug 5th, 7-9PM ($7 on-line;  $10@door)

In this session of our meetup, we'll be exploring some of the basics of exploring our own minds. Meditation is a great technique for achieving focus and perspective, dealing with stress, and pulling yourself together when the world seems to want to pull you apart.  

But do you have to commit time to learning exotic theories and ways of exotic cultures? Do you really need that incense?  


Meditation techniques are simply mental techniques. Every culture has them, but they all have your mind in common. We'll be covering several techniques that you can do right now, totally separated from ritual or culture. You don't need the incense (but you can still use it if you want to!).

Meditation techniques can be used for more than just stress relief--you can use them to program yourself to achieve goals, and make changes, too!

These techniques will come from my upcoming new book "Everybody's Meditation Book" [url=]([/url]

   $7 on-line  $10@door


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