1st Meet & Greet - Learn the Skills of "The Mentalist" & "Lie to Me"

1st Meet & Greet - Learn the Skills of "The Mentalist" & "Lie to Me"

Let's get together, share some thoughts about these wildly popular shows and plan out how we will all gain the amazing abilities of these special characters.


A recommendation:  Come to the event with a list of 2-3 favorite scenes from either or both shows.  That'll give us points of discussion from which to begin!

The 1st meeting will be free.  We are still working out the policy for the future.  Your learning is facilitated by a quieter space with less distraction.  If we can find someone to donate free space or a backroom somewhere that would be awesome.  If we have to rent a quiet space, we will look at charging small sums to cover costs.

If you are learning and integrating some awesome skills into your life, having fun and sharing about the show then you are getting value beyond some nominal fee.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Joel & Gene

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Gene Hirschel is a Weight Loss and Life coach utilizing the most advanced and latest techniques of NLP, Quantum thought expression, and guided imagery/hypnosis that he's combined to create Vital Trance, an amazing and powerful personal change technology. For more information see his website www.VTrance.com

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