How to dissect a job ad - what it's really saying

Hi Judi,

I have to tell you Judi when I attended teleseminar on how to sleuth a job ad, I learned a lot.    I wish I knew this stuff a long time ago.  I never realized that the job descriptions told you that much information.  This has been very beneficial.  
----- Scot G.

How many times have you accepted a job and three months later said "I wish I'd known?" Your company lies or your boss is unethical or the company could care less about its employees. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a clue before you began working there? Wouldn't it be nice if you could even tell from the ad? 

The ad gives you clues to the company.  It tells you information such as:

  • how they manage people,
  • how much they value experience (beyond what there words say),
  • if they're inclined to pay well or not,
  • what the thrust and theme of the job is
  • what the values of the company are, as they relate to the ad
  • what your cover letter needs to focus on

Most people read the ad and never look at it again, and have no idea of the information it contains, beyond what they read.  But when you know how to sleuth an ad, you can tell if you want to apply or not, regardless of your qualifications.  You can also determine your liklihood of a response.

And since you want to avoid generic cover letters at all costs, knowing how to decipher an ad will also tellyou what the theme of the cover letter should be and what your examples should reflect. 

Don't miss this webinar, because it's very subtle stuff. Know how to read an ad, spot problems and plusses, and interpret it all. Know what to do when you see it.  The liklihood of your interviewing and your happiness if you get the job depend on it.

I was very glad I attended the job ad teleseminar because I learned a lot of new information and this is the kind of information we need when job searching. We need that inside information that we normally would never get from other sources.  This was my first webinar with you and without a doubt I would attend another one.  I couldn't write my notes down fast enough so fortunately you resolved this by having a recording of the webinar so I could go back and listen to it again.  Thank you for that!

---Glo VG


BIO  Judi has extremely accurate insight into the hiring authority's viewpoint because, prior to becoming a career coach, she was a successful recruiter for 22 years.  She's worked with hundreds of hiring authorities in multiple industries and helped them hire admins to CEOs.  When the average recruiter's interview to hire ratio is 12:1, hers was 4:1.  In the course of her career, she's probably seen over 500,000 resumes.  She's been interviewd by book authors and quoted in articles from the NY Times to CareerBuilder, Monster and her articles are carried in multiple job site ezines. Now she teaches job seekers both the skill and psychological aspects of job hunting, helping them to keep their power throughout a difficult process.  Her clients find jobs quickly, ending their months of frustration!

1:15 - Tuesday, September 22 - My apologies.  I've had to cancel this unexpectedly and will reschedule it for next week.
Hi Judi,
I have to tell you Judi when I attended teleseminar on how to sleuth a job ad, I learned a lot.    I wish I knew this stuff a long time ago.  I never realized that the job descriptions told you that much information.  This has been very beneficial.  
----- Scot G.

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