JKYL SEMINAR: Corporate Restructuring & Tax Implications:-Mergers & Takeovers, Joint-Ventures and Listing of Subsidiaries

JKYL SEMINAR: Corporate Restructuring & Tax Implications:-
Mergers & Takeovers, Joint-Ventures and Listing of Subsidiaries

28 May 2009 (Thursday)
9.30am-5.00pm, Grand Hyatt Singapore

In today's competitive business environment, many
organisations encounter different forms of Corporate
Restructuring - in terms of Joint-Ventures, Mergers &
Takeovers and Floatation of Subsidiaries. There are
various reasons for restructuring a corporate operation.
However, the main reason for any restructuring is still
to strive for better corporate performance.

As corporate leaders, there are many issues that need
to be dealt with when tasked with the responsibility of
corporate restructuring. They need to consider how to
rationalise shareholdings in the case of a joint-venture,
how to reduce transaction costs in the case of a takeover,
how to meet the listing requirements of their subsidiaries,
and most significantly, dealing with the tax issues
involved in restructuring. Hence every company director,
CEO, manager, administrator, accountant, lawyer, banker,
company secretary and businessman should be aware of the
underlying issues of Corporate Restructuring and the Tax
Implications associated with such changes.

This one-day seminar will highlight the advantages and
pitfalls of the various forms of corporate restructuring
and the underlying tax implications. If you are responsible
for restructuring your organisation and would like to
optimise on such changes, this is an opportunity you
should not miss. Confirm your participation now by signing
up for this seminar now.

The seminar is divided into two parts: the first part
will deal with Corporate Restructuring and its different
forms, while the second will focus on Tax Implications
of Corporate Restructuring:

PART 1: Corporate Restructuring & Listing
-- Joint Ventures (JV)
  * JV for Corporate Expansion
  * Finding the right JV Partner
  * Structuring a JV Deal
  * Time Frame Involved
  * Minimising the Pitfalls

-- Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  * Key Factors Driving M&A
  * Common Types of  M&A
  * Updates in Regulatory Structure in M&A
  * Importance of Warranties and Due Diligence
  * Transaction Costs - Structuring a deal to reduce cost

-- Floatation of Subsidiaries
  * Subsidiaries
  * Floatation of Subsidiaries
  * Financial Year
  * Listing Requirements
  * Highlights of Listing Requirements
  * Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Listing

PART 2: Tax Implications of Corporate Restructuring
  * Introduction of Corporate Restructuring
  * Transfers of Trading Stocks
  * Bad & Doubtful Debts
  * Transfers of Industrial Buildings & Structures
  * Transfers of Plant & Machinery
  * Trading Losses
  * Unabsorbed Capital Allowances
  * Section 44A Credit Balances (Singapore)
  * Section 108 Credit Balances (Malaysia)
  * Stamp Duty Implications

Speaker - LEE Fook Hong (PBM, Ph.D, FCIS, FAIA, MCIArb)
Dr Lee is a Practising Chartered Secretary. Presently,
he is the Principal Consultant of Lee Fook Hong & Co,
Chartered Secretaries and Management Consultants and
an Adjunct Professor in the School of Business at SIM
University (Uni SIM). Prior to that he was an Adjunct
Associate Professor in the Nanyang Business School,
Nanyang Technological University (NTU).
Dr Lee has been a speaker at many local and international
conferences and seminars. He has written articles for
publication in local and international journals and is the
author of several books. His publications include "The
Development of Singapore as a Regional Financial Centre",
"A Guide to Investment & Taxation in China",
"Structuring International Business Enterprises",
"Company Secretarial Practice Manual" and
"Essentials of Effective Tax Management".

You can send in your registration details via
e-mail to JKYLevents-EVNB090528COR@yahoo.com.sg or
fax it through to FAX:65-63244820, Tel:65-62233170
Registration Fee: Sing$599 per participant (including luncheon, refreshments and seminar materials)


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jkyl seminar: corporate restructuring & tax implications …

Course Description: jkyl seminar: corporate restructuring & tax implications:-mergers & takeovers, joint-ventures and listing of subsidiaries 28 may 2009 …


jkyl seminar: corporate restructuring & tax implications …

Description: jkyl seminar: corporate restructuring & tax implications:-mergers & takeovers, joint-ventures and listing of subsidiaries 28 may 2009 (thursday)