Are Science And Spirituality Complementary Or Opposite To Each-other? Get A Deeper View, As Swami Mukundananda Elucidates In A Lecture At Orlando, FL

Swami Mukundananda, a renowned saint from India, will deliver a lecture, explaining the relationship between the science and Spirituality, at the Hindu University of America, Orlando, FL.


Swami Mukundananda, one of the foremost disciples of Jagadguru Shree KripaluJi Maharaj


• Are we a progeny of apes, or  Divine Entities, oblivious to our selves?

• Who created this Fine-tuned Universe, An erratic Big Bang or A ‘Sentient-Intelligence’, beyond that of Humans’?

• Who are we? A mixture of  hormones  or a Particle of The Cosmic Person?

• Why are we borne? For food, sex, commercials and wars? Or to realize our Higher identity to attain eternity?

• Who is God? A product of servile imagination or Someone, Who is beyond the faculty of Human- Intelligence?

• What is His Form? Impersonal, Personal or Both?

• What is the Vedic View on Creation of Universe, Purpose of Human Birth, Form of The Cosmic Person?


Deepen your understanding on these core issues that confront the modern age as it steps into the next generation of artificial intelligence. Attend a lecture by Swami Mukundananda on 'Science and Spirituality'.

Over the years, there has been a frozen battle between the material scholars and Spiritual Pundits. While the scientists, proud of their inventions and a trail of success relish their disbelief in the Soul and God, the Religious pundits shrug away from the atheistic lot.


Swami Mukundananda, elucidating On Core-Science

But neither the scientist have been able to finally say something concrete on the Finality of Causality nor the shrugging pundits can live without food, water and air.

What is the connection then? Are science and spirituality two different phenomena? Are they the same or similar? Or are they complementary to each-other? What is the Vedic View?

Please be there, to find out more…Just walk in, it is free.

→ Date & Time: September 15th, 2009, at 11:00-12:00 Hrs.

→ Venue: The Hindu University of America, 113 N. Econlockhatchee Trail, Orlando, FL 32825

→ Contact: A. Dwivedi (407) 275 0013, B. Aggarwal (407) 529 7736




About Swami Mukundananda:

Swami Mukundananda opted out of a highly covetable material life in his early twenties to embrace Spirituality. While studying at the IIT, the top Engineering Institute of India, Swamiji witnessed within himself, an unstoppable streaming blaze of incessant inquisitiveness into the mystery of creation and purpose of human birth, the Universal Justice, The Creator and such other supra-psychological quest…

Next, Swamiji was sent to IIM, Kolkata to obtain the management expertise. But the Inner Inquisitiveness only grew beyond bounds and It continued to grow even while Swamiji joined one of the Top Industrial houses. He was only 23.

After a short span of job at TCS, Swamiji finally decided to devote full-time. Searching into the deepest mysteries that eludes even the psychologists, philosophers and scientists, Swamiji took up Sannyas and joined a contemporary Revolutionary Universal Spiritual Movement. But he was still in search of the Right Person, who knew the answers to the Unknown. After searching for six years throughout India, Swamiji Finally met that One; his beloved Guru, Jagadguru ShreeKripaluji Mahaprabhu.

Having met Him, Swamiji began to witness a revelation within Himself. The Answers started falling down quite like how pieces of an esoteric Jigsaw start falling into their right places. Swamiji quickly realized the Personality of His Guru.

On His Guru’s Order, Swamiji began studying the Vedic Science and Global philosophies at the Lotus Feet of His Guru. And on completion of the compendium, He was ordered by His Guru to spread the Knowledge around the world. Incorporation of JKY is only a step into that direction.

Now Since more than past twenty five years, Swami Mukundananda, travels around the world, delivering Lectures on Science, Spirituality, Yoga and Devotion and organizing Yoga-Meditation Sessions, changing lives of tens of thousands of souls.


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