The Dedication Of Janiah and Jahzeel

Church begins at 11:00am please arrive early, this churh gets crowded. In such short notice I believe things are to go as followed, if not please forgive me. Church will begin and shortly after the pastor will announce the dedication. He will ask for the parents Todd and Jasmine and the godparents,or should I say godmothers they both have two special godmothers (Betty Moore,Jonate Williams,Cori Bondon,Wanda Brown) to come forward. Also he will ask for The Harris family this includes all family and friends,sorry I couldnt specify everyones last name in our family. We appreciate your support and love. 

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Family and Freinds Ended Free

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ARCELIA f Spanish Variant of ARACELI ARCH mf (no meaning found) ARCHANA f Indian Means "dedication" in Sanskrit. This is the name of a Hindu ritual.

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