Buying Pre-Foreclosures: The Win-Win Solution

Buying Pre-Foreclosure: The Win-Win Solution

This course was developed to give investors a distinct advantage in effectively communicating with homeowners who are facing foreclosure. When using pre-foreclosures as a lead source, you will face homeowners who are in total "denial." This class features Jim Watkins' unique "Presentation to the Homeowner", which is an extremely valuable and effective tool when presented to homeowners which will bring them to "acceptance" very quickly. Investors assume homeowners know the entire foreclosure process when, in fact, they don't. This class gives all the details to help you contact the owners, communicate with them, and, most importantly, present them with an offer that most owners are eager to accept.

Look at some of the topics covered in this class by Jim Watkins:
  • Which loan types with foreclosures are most profitable
  • Hidden Gems: Home Equity Loans
  • Example's of letters that get replies
  • The "Pit Bull Analogy" - Why owners are in Denial
  • Sample documents needed to obtain a payoff
  • Options homeowners may have
  • What banks don't want homeowners to know
  • What really happens to owners after the Auction
  • Realities of Eviction- Including all documents
  • Writ of Possession: The grim process for previous owners
  • How to buy a property using a Warranty Deed
  • Benefits of a Warranty Deed as explained to Investors and Homeowners
  • How a "Silent Walk-Through" can lower sellers expectations
  • Making an Offer: Tutorial on what to say
  • A simple strategy to help avoid lengthy negotiations
  • Plus: Examples of forms, statements, contracts and documents!

    Developed to give investors a distinct advantage in effectively communicating with homeowners who are facing foreclosure.

    6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

    Members - $99
    Secondary - $49
    Non-Members - $149

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