"Women in IT - Good for Business?"

Association of Information Technology ProfessionalsWashington, DC, ChapterMonthly Meeting Thursday, February 12, 2009"Women in IT - Good for Business?"

The percentage of women developing and designing technology has not changed in recent years compared to other fields, including, medicine, law, and science. Why not? Should we care? The speaker will openly explore the diversity issues in the technology industry, the business impact (if any) of engaging women in engineering and IT, and the US global competitiveness as a factor of women in technology.

Our speaker, Claudia Morrell is founder and CEO for the Multinational Development of Women in Technology (MDWIT), an organization founded in 2007 and that received a Governor's Citation in 2008. She is a skilled leader with record of accomplishment in creating and directing innovative organizations and programs.

The Washington AITP Chapter has invited JHU Student AITP Members to attend this meeting.  The $15 student discount rate includes a filet mignon and scampi, "surf & turf" dinner. The Washington AITP Chapter is kindly comping the normal $25 for students.  Please register through the Washington AITP Chapter's site at: http://aitpwashdc.ning.com/ 


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Please register at http://aitpwashdc.ning.com/ The cost is $15 for students Ended Free

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The mostly private-sector Association for IT Professionals (http://www.aitpdc.org) is asking “Women in IT – Good for Business?” at its Feb. 12 meeting.


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