JourneyDance™ Teacher ReUnion

JourneyDancers!  come join us for a weekend retreat at EarthDance, tucked into living landscape, rustic and comfy, with sauna, quarry, and luscious dance floors. October in New England is glorious...

ReUnion is a chance for Certified JourneyDance™ Teachers to re-connect with Toni and each other with time for sharing insights, wisdom, mojo and juju!  Only register if you have already completed a JourneyDance™ Teacher Training. 


please send your complete contact information to
- best email
- postal address
- home phone
- *mobile phone*
- emergency contact name and phone
- special diet concerns

please send your travel plans to
- method of travel
- arrival time
- arrival location
- need for ride from Northampton Center to Earthdance, yes or no.


1. Arrival / Departure Times
Please plan to arrive by 6pm on Friday 10/2 in time for dinner.  Evening session will begin at 7pm.  Please plan to depart by 2pm on Sunday 10/4.  Morning session will end at 12pm, and lunch will end at 1pm.  If you arrive late, ask someone where to find us (likely in the Dance Barn).  If you arrive seriously late, we'll leave you a note by the main door with directions to your bed.  Please stay in touch with us about your arrival plans.  We will help to facilitate departure plans. 

2. Daily Schedule:
all session times are subject to change. 
morning sessions: 8:30 - 11:30 am
afternoon sessions: to be announced
evening sessions: 7-10pm
quiet hours: 11pm - 7am

3. Transportation
please find much helpful information here:
JourneyDance™ and/or Earthdance staff members may be available to give rides to and from Earthdance and downtown Northampton, MA (45 minutes).  Please confirm travel plans 2 weeks prior to the start time, and again 24 hours before beginning travel.  Please indicate whether you will need a ride.  We cannot provide transportation to or from any other locations (e.g. Springfield, Hartford, or Boston).

4. Recommended Readings
"The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity" -- Catherine Ponder
"Ask and It Is Given" -- Jerry & Esther Hicks
"The Sevenfold Journey" -- Anodea Judith
"Wheels of Light" --  Anodea Judith
"Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting" -- Lynn Grabhorn
"Your Aura Your Chakras" --  Karla McLaren
"The Power of Belief" --  Ray Dodd
"You Are Psychic" --  Peter Sanders
"The Hidden Messages of Water" --  Masaru Emoto
"Dancing in the Eye of Transformation" --  Sylvia Brallier
"You Can Heal Your Life" --  Louise Hay

5. To-bring list
lots of layers of clothing for unpredictable fall weather
lots of dance clothes, especially loose fitting dance pants
some fancy clothes for a night out on the town
Jackets for all weather
rain gear since we will be walking outside to class
hiking boots
slippers: essential!!
bathing suit (the sauna and quarry are clothing optional)
bottle for water
flashlight for night walking or reading in bed
alarm clock
Journal book
your favorite inspirational books on chakras, creative visualization, etc.
music, cds or ipod
laptop computer
security for valuables (lockbox, padlock, bike lock, etc)
health potions
arnica tablets or salve
pillow, sheets, blankets, towels (we are asked to bring our own.  Earthdance can supply some for travelers from faraway)

6. What to Expect:

JourneyDance™ program
please expect to be dancing every day.  some days we will be moving for all 3 sessions, morning, afternoon, and evening.  you will want to regulate your energy and drink lots of water, and do whatever you need to do to keep yourself healthy.  some sessions will be reading, talking and discussing.  we will often work in small groups. 

Earthdance culture
Earthdance has created a wonderfully relaxed environment which has developed a distinct culture.  part of being at Earthdance is living responsibly and collectively, and this is equally true for staff and guests.  staff are members of a residential community and balance their time between work and personal pursuits.  Earthdance staff are not "on duty" at all times like at other retreat centers, so if you need something please ask JourneyDance™ staff first.  Earthdance staff are in a very real sense welcoming guests into their home, and will appreciate help from us in maintaining cleanliness, health, practical safety, peace, and positive energy.  the sauna and quarry at Earthdance are clothing optional, and are usually open for friends and neighbors.  we can expect to see possibly unfamiliar naked people if we choose to visit the quarry or sauna.  Earthdance staff will allow us to develop our own rules about clothing, and are comfortable with a range of options. 

an internet terminal is available for guest use in the foyer by Earthdance's main door.  the satellite connection can be spotty at times.  there is a small jar for donations for internet use, suggested rate US$1/hr.  most cellular phones do not work at Earthdance.  Toni's cell phone works at the Creamery grocery on Rte 9, on the top of the hill in Windsor on Rte 9, on the top of the hill in Goshen on Rte 9, and at the Plainfield Pond on Rte 116.  Earthdance has a guest telephone land line available anytime for both incoming and outgoing calls free to the continental US & Canada:  413-634-0111. there is one voicemail box for all guests at Earthdance, and messages are often written in the log book near the phone in the Dry Foods pantry.  anyone can check the voicemail at any time, please be considerate and write down messages for others before deleting them.  for daily communications Earthdance staff often write on the large blackboard in the Dining Room and on the white dry erase board in the Dry Foods pantry.  

guests are responsible for keeping their own area clean.  guests may use the Earthdance laundry facilities for a small fee: US$1/wash and US$1/dry.  Earthdance staff appreciate help from guests in cleaning common areas like the bathrooms.  Staff will usually do a large cleaning 1 time each week generally before new programs begin.  staff will appreciate our help in daily cleaning. 

our group will be accommodated in the Earthdance dormitories.  this means that we will be walking through a lovely woodland path to get from our bedrooms to the dining room and dance studios.  Earthdance has bunkbed dormitories as well as several double and single rooms which will be reserved for JourneyDance™ staff.  we will only be using the dormitory kitchen refrigerator to store small, essential personal items like medicine.

Kitchen & Food
please let us know if you have any special diet concerns.  Earthdance staff will prepare and serve us 3 nutritious vegetarian meals each day, and they can provide animal-free (vegan), dairy-free, wheat-free, or even some meat-based options.  we will have access to the Earthdance kitchen, pantry, and walk-in refrigerator at any time and can make our own meals using ingredients from Earthdance.  please WASH YOUR HANDS often, and anytime you are handling food or food preparation materials.  guests are welcome to bring their own food and label it clearly and store it in the refrigerator in either kitchen.  please respect personal food labels, and only touch personal items with express permission.  on arrival, guests are asked to choose a ceramic mug and label it and use it as their personal drinking vessel for the duration of their stay.  guests are asked to organize into clean-up shifts to wash all dishes after each meal, which reduces stress among Earthdance staff, and improves the quality of the meals.  Earthdance removes 2 kinds of compost, raw and cooked, and asks guests to be aware of the difference.  trash and recycling are also clearly labeled.  the well water at Earthdance is superb quality, triple filtered, and the same at every tap on the property.  the water cooler in the Dining Room is filled with water from the kitchen sink.

Emotional & Physical Safety
our hope is that all JourneyDancers will behave in a way that maximizes everyone's safety.  our hope is that all JourneyDancers can be aware of each other's needs for physical and emotional safety.  in the course of the Training, strong emotions may be released.  we hope that all JourneyDancers will respect these emotions, allow them their time and space, and be sensitive, considerate, and respectful with each other at all times.  JourneyDance™ staff are prepared to deal with issues of safety should any arise; please communicate your needs with a JourneyDance™ staff member as soon as you can.  JourneyDance™ staff maintain confidentiality regarding issues of safety that emerge during the Training.  our hope is that each JourneyDancer will take good care of her or his own physical safety.  If issues of physical safety should arise during the training, JourneyDance™ staff will take steps to address them on a case by case basis.  

Practical Safety
please light no fires, candles, incense, matches, or lighters anywhere on the property; the only fires allowed are in the sauna, the fire circle, and the kitchen.  fire extinguishers and first aid kits are located near both dance studios and in the kitchen.  when outdoors please be aware of poison ivy and wood ticks.  please wash your hands often.  please participate only to the degree that you are physically able.  Chinese felted kneepads are available for sale at the Earthdance "store."  please be responsible for your own valuables, and bring your own security measures.  please be responsible for your own good health.  please eat well, rest well, exercise well, and drink lots of water.  

7. A Letter from Earthdance

Greetings!  We look forward to welcoming you to Earthdance.

Earthdance is a retreat center located in the gorgeous wooded hills of Western Massachusetts.  Our facility is centered around a renovated 1812 farmhouse that has been expanded to include two large dance barns, an expansive sun porch, and a well-equipped kitchen.  While you are visiting us we encourage you to take long walks in our more than one hundred acres of woods, to visit our gardens, to enjoy our wood-fired sauna (and revitalize with a dip in the spring-fed quarry), to roll around on the silky smooth maple floors of the studios, and most of all to make Earthdance your home!

All of our rooms have character and when you arrive, you will have the opportunity to select your favorite place to settle.  Bathrooms are shared.  If you wish to have private accommodations, we can attempt to book you one with a neighboring B&B's for an additional fee ($50-$75 per night). You are welcome to arrive a day early before your workshop begins or stay an extra night after your workshop ends for the reduced fee of $20/night for accommodations and $15/day for food.

We serve ample, scrumptious vegetarian cuisine. Please contact us as soon as possible regarding any special dietary needs. Please note that we are only able to guarantee to accommodate vegan, wheat-free, and dairy-free options.

The Earthdance guest phone number is 413-634-0111 and voicemail is available; please give this number to any who might need to contact you.  Cell phones do not work up here, so bring a calling card if you will need to make long distance calls.  We also have limited satellite internet access available to guests for a fee.

The staff at Earthdance will provide a full orientation to the facilities when you arrive.  In the meantime, please direct any questions you may have to the organizers of your workshop before contacting Earthdance directly.

8. Northampton, MA shopping guide:

Cornucopia.  basement of Thorne's Market, Main St.  health food, homeopathics, personal care.
Deals & Steals.  Pleasant St & Pearl St.  low-cost organic food, personal care, clothing, footwear.  
CVS.  Main St.  pharmacy, personal care.
Tapestry.  Center St.  health clinic.  
Ben & Bill's Chocolate Emporium.  Main St.  oldest confectionary in town, coffee.  

Harlow.  Crafts Av.  luggage.  
Don Gleason's.  Pearl St.  camping gear.
Mountain Goat.  Main St.  camping gear.  
Laundromat.  Masonic St.  laundry & community bulletin boards.

Paradise Copies.  Conz St.  locally-owned photocopies, graphic design.  
Haymarket.  Main St.  vegetarian cafe, free wireless internet.
Forbes Public Library.  West St.  free internet terminals.  
Mosaic.  Masonic St.  mediterranean cafe, free wireless internet.  

Turn It Up.  Pleasant St.  used CDs, pre-listen stations.  
Dynamite.   Main St.  new and used CDs.
B-Side.  Main St.  new & used CDs.
Downtown Sounds.  Pleasant St.  professional music equipment.
Yes!  Pleasant St.  Apple Macintosh sales & service.  

Ten Thousand Villages.  Main St.  fair-trade third-world imports, gifts.
Mercantile.  Main St.  low-cost Asian imports, gifts.  
Pride & Joy.  Crafts Av.  GLBTQ books, gifts.  
Raven.  Old South St.  used books.  
Oh My!  Maplewood Shops.  adult books, toys, gifts.  

Faces.  Main St.  gifts, clothing, furnishings.  
Uncle Margaret's.  Market St.  vintage clothing.
(InSpirit Common.  Rte 9 in HADLEY) new age books, divination, altar items, gifts.  

9. Postponement & Cancellation policies

I.  If, for reasons beyond our control, JourneyDance™ is forced to postpone the ReUnion scheduled for 10/2 - 10/4, 2009 the following policy will apply: For ALL PARTICIPANTS, JourneyDance™ will refund 100% of the total amount received.  Participants will have the option to credit their deposit toward a future JourneyDance™ ReUnion. 
II.  If, for reasons beyond her or his control, a participant is forced to cancel her or his participation in the ReUnion scheduled for 10/2 - 10/4, 2009 AND ALERTS JOURNEYDANCE™ BEFORE 9/11/09 (more than 3 weeks prior), the following policy will apply: For ALL PARTICIPANTS, JourneyDance™ will retain 100% of the total amount received.
III.  If, for reasons beyond her or his control, a participant is forced to cancel her or his participation in the ReUnion scheduled for 10/2 - 10/4, 2009 AND ALERTS JOURNEYDANCE ON OR AFTER 9/11/09 (fewer than 3 weeks prior), the following policies will apply:
a. For participants who have paid in full, JourneyDance will retain 50% of the total registration amount as a credit toward a future ReUnion and refund the remainder.  b. These credits will apply only to future JourneyDance™ ReUnions and no other JourneyDance™ programs.

These policies are important as JourneyDance™ plans ahead and pays out thousands of dollars to reserve spaces at retreat centers.  Our advance deposits for facility rentals are often based on numbers of participants, and we use participant deposits to secure facilities.  The reason for retaining money closer to the start date is that we have usually already spent it.  We really hope we do not have to postpone or that anyone has to cancel.
... 'coz we're excited to dance with you!!!

Name Sales End Price Fee
CJDT & JDA Member   Ended $190 $5.74
CJDT non-member   Ended $465 $9.95

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