Happy Holidays from Touch One Tuesday/ Hosted by CP Maze/Special guest Poets

Merry Chistmas and Happy New Year! We getting ready to bring the New Year in right!

Touch One Tuesday is an Open Mic for Poets. Hosted by CP Maze

The Wine up was voted best place to hear poetry in Charlotte so come help us continue to celebrate. !

If you are a poet and haven't read in front of people this is the perfect place to come and hone your poetry delivery skills. We are coming up on our 5 year anniversary!

Touch One has been the leader in poetry in Charlotte for over 8 years and we still maintain poetry discipline and make sure everyone respects the microphone.

 Come on out and see what you been missing. Show starts at 10pm doors open at 9pm early arrival for sign up is suggested to insure your spot on the mic!! 



JC Cowan

Name Price Fee
College ID $5 $0.99
Without College ID $10 $0.99
Reserved Table $15 $0.99

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Happy Holidays from Touch One Tuesday/ Hosted by CP …

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