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Description:Learn More about the object oriented web development framework Apache Wicket. How to make and reuse pure Java/HTML components. It should be fun to make web-sites with AJAX - could Wicket be the answer?

Speaker: Nino Saturnino Martinez Vazquez Wael

Language: English.

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Apache Wicket - Official Site

Welcome to Apache Wicket. With proper mark-up/logic separation, a POJO data model, and a refreshing lack of XML, Apache Wicket makes developing web-apps simple and ...


Apache Wicket - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Apache Wicket, commonly referred to as Wicket, is a lightweight component-based web application framework for the Java programming language conceptually similar to ...


Index - Apache Wicket - Apache Software Foundation

This wiki is dedicated to documenting the Wicket Java application framework. Wicket takes simplicity, separation of concerns and ease of development to a whole new level.


Apache Wicket - Meet Apache Wicket

Meet Apache Wicket. By Jonathan Locke, original author of Wicket. Why Wicket? If you are looking to do web application programming in Java, you have a very large ...


Tutorial - Apache Wicket: The Fun Web Framework - …

Apache Wicket guru Jeremy Thomerson takes us on a tour of component-oriented Java UI web framework and when best to use it.


Wicket Tutorial - Mkyong - Java web development …

Jun 23, 2011 · Apache Wicket is a simple and features rich component-based web framework, the real reusable components is the main selling point of this framework.


Apache Wicket User Guide Reference Documentation - …

free online guide for apache wicket framework apache wicket user guide - reference documentation authors: andrea del bene, martin grigorov, carsten...


User mailing list for the Wicket framework

I dont have Wicket Filter in my web.xml though i can see this <servlet-name>WicketApplication</servlet-name> <servlet-class>org.apache.wicket…


Wicket: A simplified framework for building and testing ...

Overview. Wicket is a recently launched Java Web development framework. It's an open source, lightweight, component-based framework, which puts it in an altogether ...


java - Wicket or Playframework? - Stack Overflow

I'm totally new to Java web development and I would like to choose a good Java web framework to learn. I've found some really good echoes regarding the Apache Wicket ...


Apache Wicket v6.0.0 Technical Fact Sheet : The Apache ...

Apache Wicket v6.0.0 is the 6th major release of the popular open source Java web framework. Numerous enhancements make Apache Wicket v6.0.0 a solid choice for …


Apache Wicket - Review » Java » Best Web-Frameworks

Get all the information about the Java framework »Apache Wicket« and review it or get a look on the latest reviews.


Apache Wicket Experience - Tutorial - Java Programming ...

Apache Wicket is a neat web framework to create web sites and web applications. I've been working with Wicket extensively for more than 3 years now, both at


Apache Wicket

Apache Wicket forum. Apache Wicket is a Java web application framework that takes simplicity, separation of concerns and ease of development to a whole new level.


Apache Wicket 6.0 Java Web App Framework Launches ...

Sep 05, 2012 · The Apache Software Foundation released Apache Wicket 6.0, the latest version of its open-source Java Web app framework.


java - Any existing Apache Wicket framework sample ...

I plan to use Wicket to build a web site with database storage. I haven't used Wicket before. Is there any sample framework I can start from?


Apache Wicket - Community Central

Apache Wicket. A component-oriented Java web framework that helps you write maintainable, secure and scalable web applications using just Java and HTML.


Creating and Extending Apache Wicket Web Applications

Nov 02, 2009 · Introduction. Apache Wicket is a powerful, light-weight component-based web application framework with strong separation of presentation and business logic.


Introducing Apache Wicket - TheServerSide.com: your …

This article approaches Apache Wicket by presenting the core concepts behind the framework, and moves to reinforce those concepts with an example leveraging some …


Buzz - Apache Wicket Website - Apache Software …

Buzz. Wicket has appeared in the press in a variety of industry trade magazines, including Network World, ComputerWorld, IT World and Information Week.


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