Introduction to Sustainable Business—Principles (CSBA 101)

Where does a business start that wants to "go green?" What is the difference between being "green" and pursuing "sustainability?" What are the potential benefits and challenges of embracing a more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable strategy? Co-taught by an experienced business executive and a Chicago Sustainable Business Alliance staff member, CSBA 101 provides an introduction to basic sustainable business concepts and practices. It intends to lay the groundwork for further learning as well as for beginning to implement these principles in one's enterprise and/or workplace.

Peter Nicholson
Executive & Creative Director, Foresight Design Initiative
Broadly knowledgeable on sustainability issues, Peter leads a multifaceted career focused on the creative pursuit of greater social, environmental and economic sustainability. He consults on and undertakes innovative sustainable design projects for a diversity of clients, including government agencies, institutional nonprofits, and diverse businesses. Considered a highly adept discussion facilitator, he hosts Foresight’s bimonthly Green Drinks panels and is in regular demand as a guest speaker, moderator and educator. Peter is dedicated to the education of the next generation of sustainability-minded leaders and regularly mentors interns as well as teaches the organization’s Urban Sustainable Design Studio.

Burt Klein
President, PortionPac

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Introduction to Sustainable Business—Principles (CSBA 101)

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