Islamic Manners


Wilayah Learning Centre's True Heart programme consists of courses on Sufism. Subjects in this series include Adab, Akhlaq, Purification of the Heart, Disciplining the Ego, Love, family and social issues, Spiritual Sciences and Heavenly Realities.



The courses are held weekly, ranging from at least 12 weeks to 20 weeks for depending on the courses. Some courses are held for long periods of time, and these are delivered free of charge.

Lessons shall be done in a traditional setting - floor seating with carpets, floor cushions, and DHO Rehals or bookstands. This is to maintain a code of learning for both teacher and students with regards simplicity and traditionality.

Lessons shall be recorded and posted online for learners to listen and download. This allows them to listen and review the lessons learnt each week.

There shall be reviews and tests that the teacher of the respective course shall determine for the students.


The True Heart programme is open to all Muslims of all ages. Non-Muslims are welcomed to attend as well.


Full registration is required for all courses. Incomplete forms are not accepted. All details shall be kept in strict confidence and are for the purpose of student follow-ups.

Course Fees

Fees vary depending on courses and duration, and registration is required. Please check respective course tickets for details. 

Payment Terms

There are two payment terms:

i) Full payment before or during commencement

ii) Two-time instalments

Free Ticket is reflected on all registration options as online payment has been discontinued until further notice. Payment are to be made only in cash.


A 10% discount applies to any one (1) of the following:

i) Returning Wilayah students

ii) Full-time students

iii) Full-time National Servicemen (NSF)

iv) Senior Citizens 60 yrs and above

v) New Muslims who have embraced Islam within 12 months leading up the course commencement

Any person who is under more than one of the above categories are eligible for only one that suits their situation at time of registration.


Courses are held at Wilayah House, 2nd flr, 3A Jalan Pisang off North Bridge Road, (above OVA, entrance via marked back lane door). We encourage students to come and leave together in numbers.


All books used can be purchased or ordered from Wardah Bookstore, 58 Bussorah Street, Kampong Glam. In the event that any book becomes unavailable, the course shall be replaced with one that provides a similar objective.


Students are free to contribute in any way to Wilayah. This may be in Donations of any nature.

Wilayah does not expect to profit from holding their courses, except that they may help to offset overheads like rental of venue and remuneration of teachers. With this regard, we hope students donate generously to support these programmes at Wilayah.


Students are advised to keep to minimum of 75% attendance. Failure to this shall disqualify the him/her from receiving any certificate or authorisation at the end of the course.


Upon completion of each course, students shall be awarded a Certificate of Attendance or other certificates that may be awarded, subject to various conditions, or having passed a test determined by the teacher.


If in doubt, do contact Wilayah via email: or call: 9757 0007.

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