Sales 2.0: Transform Your Sales Force to Succeed in the Digital Age

Sales 2.0: Transform Your Sales Force To Succeed in the Digital Age


Traditional lead generation and sales processes are rapidly evolving with new technologies. Is your sales force prepared to outmaneuver your competition? You cannot afford to be outwitted or outplayed by competitors who are using these new tools to generate leads and steal market share.

Attendees will experience a fast-paced two hour seminar to learn how to transform your sales force and empower them to succeed using digital and social media.

If you are a senior executive of an organization who wants to radically improve the way your company connects with prospects and customers to generate new business, you cannot afford to miss this program.


  • How your sales force can outwit and outmaneuver the competition to create connections to prospects
  • How individual team members can grow their network quickly - at little or no cost
  • What free tools exist to immediately generate leads and connections
  • How to hire future team members who are best suited to sell in the Interconnected Age.

You will hear about how Facebook, LinkedIN, YouTube, Flickr, and other Web 2.0 tools will help your sales force become more effective. Mobile platforms and selling will be discussed. You’ll also learn how to stop wasting dollars in old selling tools like brochures and tchotckes to reinvest into digital tools that result in more sales, quicker (and at a lower cost!)


The 3 hour seminar will be followed by a 1 hour workshop to showcase how attendees can use these platforms to drive leads.


CEOs and other c-level executives, senior sales executives and entrepreneurs.

No Refunds:

All sales are final if you have any questions please contact the host.



Name Sales End Price
Single Ticket   Ended $49
Company Pack   Ended $99

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