Matej Sedmak will tell you his story and take you on an inspiring and engaging journey of how he started living a life of his dreams, discovered PhotoReading, learnt to speak 8 languages, 4 of them fluently, travelled around the world with no money and ran for President of Slovenia.

He will then take you through different reading techniques that will increase your reading efficiency, you will learn how to enjoy reading through relaxation and purpose, and techniques for focus and productivity. The evening is designed to give you an insight into the strategies behind PhotoReading. By the end of the evening you will increase, if not double or even triple your reading efficiency. This introduction workshop is a very valuable event and can have you really take on your reading development in the course of one evening.

You will learn more about what is available out of taking the PhotoReading full 2 day course and have an opportunity to book into one of the full courses at the end of the evening if you want to expand your reading and learning potential.