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Integral Prevention: A New Age for Prevention Practice

How do you practice flexibility and demonstrate capacity to negotiate the many forces pushing/pulling in any prevention/intervention situation (e.g., community, workplace, or other system)? How often have you been frustrated or confused as you juggle programs, policies, practices and environmental strategies for prevention?  Isn't there some simple, elegant way of thinking about these different aspects of prevention and pulling them together into a coherent whole?The image reflects four forces influencing prevention

Yes! Dr. Joel Bennett, developer of the NREPP evidence-based program, Team Awareness, has developed and tested an Integral Model founded on four forces that compete for our attention and intention in the work of prevention.

These forces fall along two dimensions: (1) The Focus on Intervention versus the Focus on Capacity Building, and (2) an Orientation to Fidelity versus an Orientation to Adaptation. When viewed together on a 2-by-2 grid the prevention activity may move from quadrant to quadrant as different priorities and dynamics surface. The core assumption is that effective prevention requires the flexibility/capacity to negotiate the four forces and the different quadrants.

This is an "integral" model because it helps us pay attention to (a) our own personal style or tendencies as change agents, (b) the natural ebb and flow of the four forces in nature, and (c) the ways that whole systems themselves embrace or ignore the forces.  When we understand our own style/tendencies, the forces, and the quadrants we are more likely to be true to ourselves (our calling) amidst the challenges of prevention in a world dominated by quick fixes and near-sighted solutions.  This is a practical workshop.

This no- cost online interactive workshop includes:
    •    The Integral Model
    •    A complementary survey/questionnaire to help practitioners understand their own preference/attitude toward one or more of the forces
    •    A discussion of the “Prevention Style Inventory”

You will receive instructions on how-to access the survey/questionnaire upon registration and will need to complete it before attending the session.

Participants in the session will interact with Dr. Bennett AND with each other through polling, chat, discussions and open Q&A throughout the session.

For those interested you may also want to registerfor the upcoming in-person training session at the National Wellness Institute Conference.

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