In Our Right Minds

Sussex Warren Chapter of NJAWBO is pleased to present:

An evening of networking; inspiration and incredible fun!


A Celebration of Women, the Sacred Feminine and the Right Brain

Guiding Women to their Strength as Leaders - 

Leading Men to Strength without Armor

Dale Allen, a veteran actress and playwright, who has earned acclaim for her ability to connect with the psyche of her audiences through character portrayals, song, comedy, history, myth, art and artifacts, will bring her talent to Hopatcong High School; Thursday, May 7th 2009 at 6:30 PM (for networking and connecting), with the show starting at 7:30 PM.       

Ms. Allen will present “In Our Right Minds,” a performance that guides women to their strength as leaders and men to strength without armor, restoring in both men and women, the validity of right-brain intelligence.  Her dynamic performance has been described as a “Cape Canaveral lift-off!” and she has presented it to scores of receptive audiences nationwide at universities, conferences, corporations, theaters and holistic learning centers.  “Dale Allen’s one woman show turns the myths about women and men upside down and inside out. Her performance should be required viewing – not just for women and girls, but for men as well!  Her powerful presentation is chock full of information and inspiration!” writes Suzie Galler, President of the Esteemed Women Foundation. .

Ms. Allen probes the historical Paleolithic and Neolithic civilizations that revered a mother Goddess.  These civilizations were born of humanity’s brain hemispheric lateralization, wherein each side of brain specialized in certain tasks and worked in balance with the other.  “In Our Right Minds” uncovers the shift to left-brain dominance, looking at the emergence of alphabetic literacy across the world and the correlating subjugation of women and all things “female.”  Returning to a time before written history, Allen retrieves ancient definitions of “woman” and “goddess” to discover how profoundly ancient concepts can strengthen modern men and women. 

“In Our Right Minds” has been described as uplifting, embracing and fun!  Allen takes audiences to "Someday Isle" where dreams are forever postponed, and dances with Barbie dolls to defy our culture's narrow standards of beauty.  With the ancient myth of the Selkie Woman, she restores the “sealskin,” a metaphor for the authentic self.  

Join us for an inspirational evening.  Enjoy networking, connecting, lite refreshments and lots and lots of FUN!


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