Six Thinking Hats: An Essential Skill for Group Collaboration

Six Thinking Hats manual CoverSix Thinking Hats®An Essential Skill for Group Collaboration



Dr. Edward de Bono9s Six Thinking Hats will provide your team with skills and tools that can be applied immediately after attending the course.  Learn how separating team thinking into six distinct categories, each identified by its own colored "thinking hat" icon, leads teams to target their goals, keep focused, quit arguing, save time, reduce risks, and get results.

The Six Thinking Hats structure works like any sports training -- it requires people to check their bad habits at the door and abide by new rules.  It9s easy -- and it works!

What are the Six Thinking Hats?

de Bono9s White HatThe White Hat
Information available and needed


de Bono9s Black HatThe Black Hat
Cautions and difficulties; Where things might go wrong


de Bono9s Green HatThe Green Hat
Alternatives and creative ideas


de Bono9s Red HatThe Red Hat
Intuition, feelings, and hunches


de Bono9s Yellow HatThe Yellow Hat
Values and benefits; Why something might work


de Bono9s Blue HatThe Blue Hat
Managing the thinking process


From the VP of Sales for a Sport Broadcasting Company:

"The introduction of de Bono9s 9Six Hats9 parallel thinking techniques, modified for application to the selling process, was extremely well-received.  In fact, I have already had positive feedback from out staff on their immediate and successful efforts to use this training in selling situations.  Their only request was that we expand the meeting to a two-day format next time, to enable greater depth of discussion.

This certainly testifies to the benefit they felt was derived because, as you know, sales people generally steer clear of meetings of any kind!  I have been to a variety of sales training seminars in the last 25 years, but find this approach, as customized to suit our products, to be one of the most valuable and practical of any that I have come across.  I would recommend its customized use for any of our broadcast sales teams."

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