Why be Ethical? - Insight into Why Good People Do Bad Things

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 CPEs - 4 Hours

Speaker - Patrick Kuhse - Trainer & Consultant - See Bio Below!

Learning Objectives

  •  Ability to identify Fraudulent/Ethically dilemmas, process the options, and make a clearly defined decision as to the right thing to do.
  •  Understand ethical dilemmas in the workplace and why good people do bad things.
  •  Understand practical approaches to preventing dishonest and fraudulent activity.
  •  Learn what Fraud perpetrators knew, that you didn’t.  Why they did it, how they did it, and why they didn’t think you would catch them.
  •  Things you should know about perpetrators of fraud that will make you a more effective auditor.
  •  Examine the common ethical dilemmas that auditing practitioners face in today’s workplace.
  •  Common set of thinking errors and patterns that each of us can be susceptible to on a regular basis.
  •  What goes on in someone’s mind that allows them to think they can go undetected while committing a fraudulent act.  

Calling All…

  •  Internal Auditors and/or Auditors who want to increase their understanding and investigative effectiveness around fraudulent and unethically activities.
  •   Auditors who want to help Management identify and provide practical approaches to preventing/mitigating dishonest and fraudulent activities. 

Speaker Bio

Patrick Kuhse is one of the most in-demand speakers on business ethics and critical thinking skills in America today. He will share his journey from

  • prominence as a successful stockbroker in San Diego
  • to his involvement in a financial fraud scheme,
  • flight from the US to avoid prosecution,
  • life as an international fugitive for four years and
  • his subsequent self-surrender and incarceration for several years in both a foreign jail and U.S. prisons. 

The lessons learned on his path to success, one that led him from prominence to prison, are lessons that everyone is vulnerable to and no one needs to experience first-hand.  Patrick’s professional background includes a mix of

  • corporate and entrepreneurial experiences as a Financial Planner,
  • Regional Manager with two national securities firms as a Certified Financial Planner,
  • Co-owner and Financial Principal of a San Diego securities firm, and
  • now fulfilling his community service obligation speaking on business ethics to various groups.   

He is recognized as

  • a strong national interest in personal and business ethics and the causes of white-collar crime,
  • while utilizing his own personal experiences and observations, he’s able to
  • share with his audiences unique insights into the causes and effects of unethical behavior.  

For more on Patrick please visit his website here.

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