Improving Your Job Search in a Recession Session 1

You may wonder, how does a recession impact my job search? The fact is Web 2.0 tools and project management skills are key to an effective job search. These tools are not just for professional Project Managers anymore. A good business and financial plan are critical to attaining critical corporate goals, so too is a project plan for your job search. And just as a corporate firm relies on its leaders in order to attain its critical goals, so too does your family rely on you to quickly find a fulfilling new opportunity. If you don't have the ability to know and manage to your career objectives, focus on the right opportunities, and promote your skills and accomplishments in a timely and market effective manner, then you may be missing out on, or worse, passed over for the best opportunities.

In this 2 session webinar series Mark Cummuta and April M. Williams will share from their experience proven job hunting techniques that you can put to immediate use in your own job search. Here is a sample of what will be discussed, so pay attention - you won't want to miss this one.

* Session 1: Oct.1, 2008 – Why Planning Your Job Search Literally Pays Off, Planning Your Job Search as a Project, Keeping Your “Pipeline” Full, and What to Say to Who and How

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* Session 2: Oct. 8, 2008 – Resumes, Career Diaries, Handbills, and Professional Work Portfolios, and Branding on the Internet, Networking, Interviewing

Each session will include practical applications and time for personalized Q&A with Mark and April. Register for one or all three sessions.

About Your Instructors:

April M. Williams, PMP, brings broad business, technology and project management experience to her students, leveraging roles in Fortune 50 companies across multiple industries.

An avid networker, April is an active member on the Executive Committee of Chicago Women in Technology International (WITI), and maintains a broad Internet and Web 2.0 presence.

April is the owner/moderator of several online professional networking groups including a 350-member group created to help former coworkers find new employment.

April is often sought after by others to share her knowledge of networking and career management, as she has done within WITI and continues as the Founder of CyberLife Tutors.

Mark Cummuta often partners with April M. Williams when speaking on these topics. Mark Cummuta is an accomplished IT Executive of 25 years in international technology and corporate development. After serving our country as a US Marine, he specialized in enterprise applications, BPM, CRM, BI, data warehousing and web collaboration across a broad range of industries. For the past nearly 15 years he has helped found several successful multi-million dollar organizations in CIO, CTO, executive and Board roles.

Mark writes on executive job search tactics for CIO Magazine, has been quoted in Aberdeen Research, ComputerWorld, Crain’s Chicago Business, WorkForce Magazine, and others, and was one of this year’s 2008 WITI “Excellence in Corporate IT Leadership” awards judges. Finally, as parents of teenage triplets, Mark and his wife use project and time management techniques creatively in their daily survival.

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