IMPRINTS, Make Your Mark; Leave No TraceBurlington's First Environmental Conference For Youth by Youth!NOW CLOSED - for any inquiries, please contact

Please review ALL event information below BEFORE you proceed with clicking the Register  button above.
Here is what you need to know:
We hope you will join us for this free day of interactive workshops and inspirational speakers focusing on how we can each do our part to help the planet. World famous artist & naturalist Robert Bateman will kick off the event as the keynote speaker followed by a series of hands-on workshops designed to inspire post event eco efforts back in the classrooms, schools and communities.  

The day of discovery will conclude with the positive energy and optimism of inspirational speaker, Joel Hilchey!


Interested?  Here’s more.....


  • conference is open to all Halton grade 7- 12 students and will be held at Robert Bateman HS at 5151 New Street Burlington
  • The conference will begin at 8:45 am and conclude at 2:00 pm for grades 7/8 and 3:00 pm for grades 9-12.
  • The Robert Bateman host school can accomodate 400 participants for this event. Each school can register a total of 10 grade 7/8 students or 20 grade 9-12 students total. Note: one teacher per 10 students is invited to attend

Grade 7/8 students may register for two workshop sessions (A & B times) & will then participate in the closing presentation at 1:00 pm and depart at 2:00 pm.

  • Grade  9-12 students may register for three workshops (A , B & C) followed by participation at a 2:00 pm presentation and departure at 3:00 pm
  • Free busing and lunch will be provided. Note: individual schools are required to cover their own supply teacher needs for the day & ensure appropriate field trip and photo release forms are completed.
  • The planning team is working hard to make this a green event. Please remind all your registered students of this prior to attending. Each student will be provided with a stainless canteen upon arrival they can fill with water. A litter free lunch will be provided & there will be recycle and organic waste bins located throughout the school activity areas.
  • Some event activities will take place outdoors so please remind your students to dress for the weather.
  • Each participant is asked to bring along a mug & a spoon to be used for soup at lunch - help us be a litter free event!
Steps to Register:
  1. Prepare a list of the 10 (if grade 7/8) or 20 (if grades 9-12) students you would like to register for the conference. We encourage you to try to choose students that you believe will benefit the most from the lessons learned and who will effectively carry the conference benefits back to their schools.
  2. Review the workshop descriptions (scroll below)and make a list of your preferred options - have a few choices for each student on hand in the event you find a specific workshop is full. Note: try and register your students for a variety of workshops to broaden the experiences gained. You will need to register each student for 2 workshop sessions (grades 7/8) or 3 workshop sessions (grades 9-12)
  3. Confirm your school's approval and supply coverage prior to proceeding with the registration process.
  4. Have a question before you proceed? Contact the Robert Bateman email link located at the top of this page.
  5. Note: when you are on the registration page you will see a form field titled "company" - please record the name of YOUR SCHOOL in the field.


8:00  AM:                     Volunteer arrival

8:15 – 8:45 AM           Exhibitor/ Presenter sign in

8:45 – 9:15 AM:          Student Arrival and Registration 

9:15– 10:00AM:          Keynote Speaker: Robert Bateman (Healthy snack grab)

10:00 - 10:50AM:       Workshop Session I

11:00 - 11:50 AM:      Workshop Session II.

12:00 – 12:50 PM:      Lunch to be provided in our Cafeteria

1:00 – 1:50 PM:         Workshop Session III (Grades 9 -12)

                                     Closing Session (Grades 7 & 8) with Joel  Hilchey & departure

 2:00  - 2:45PM          Closing Session (Grades 9-12) with Joel  Hilchey & departure            


When you register, you will be asked to choose one session for each time slot for each student.  (all sessions are repeated three times during the day 10am, 11am, 1pm & 10 & 11 only for grades 7/8)







A1         Food For Thought- Eat locally        (Burlington's Sustainable Development Committee)

Everything and anything you’ve ever eaten has had some impact on the environment. Have fun with hands-on cooking using local, low impact ingredients and learn how to change your buying and eating habits to help reduce your imprint on the planet. Act locally think globally!


A2         EcoMentors: Youth. Environment. Leadership.          (Earth Day Canada)

Earth Day Canada's EcoMentors program provides the opportunity, training and resources for youth across Canada to be active leaders in raising awareness and encouraging positive actions in support of a healthier environment. Through interactive activities and group discussions, this session will give you the opportunity to discover your role as a young environmental mentor, and to explore how you can turn education into action by leading workshops in your own community.



A3 Build Your School Composter –one registrant per school only                      (B.E.A.T.)
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…and COMPOST!!! Composting turns  what would usually end up in the landfill into something useful for your school grounds. Learn how to/Build a composter for your school in the Robert Bateman wood shop. Take the composter back to your school and start your own composting program (Earn 4 Eco school points too! J )       


 A4     Sustainable Student Leadership with Joel Hilchey:
 Do you ever feel burnt out? In environmental leadership, we often talk about sustainability.  We also discuss how to achieve the maximum impact possible with our actions. This fun and interactive workshop will help us apply some great sustainable practices to our own lives so we can accomplish more, live happier AND maximize our long term impact, and that's what it's all about!

E1         Outdoor Eco Games
Get energized and enjoy the outdoors! Participate in a relay of four different eco-focused games, learning more about environmental issues while you have fun and get active.

E2        Know Your Energy Usage/Burlington Hydro.    

Ever wonder how much energy your school uses? Thanks to Burlington Hydro you’ll be able to check your schools power usage by sec/min/hour/day/week/month/year! Keep track of your energy usage and find out proven ways schools have used to reduce their energy consumption. You will also discover what your individual impact is on the earth by calculating your “Footprint” – you will be amazed!

E3  Green Walls/ Green Roofs   
Learn from the best! The creator and founder of Green walls will be leading the workshop and teaching everyone about the benefits of having a “living wall”. Perhaps you will be inspired to create one for your school? Come and discover all about them.                

E4       IC4   I can Change Climate Change  (Mountsberg)     
This interactive program examines the issue of climate change and how it is connected to our North American lifestyle. Participating students will engage in emission testing, the I Can Change Climate Change game show and take a critical look at North American consumer habits.  Throughout the program students earn “greenbacks” that can be used to bid on prizes in the I Can Change Climate Change auction at the end of the presentation.                


N1 Plant it for the Planet                                                     (ACER & B.E.A.T. Youth)
A guided walk along our creek where you will learn more about native and non native species and creek maintenance.  Learn how to measure climate change with your school yard trees.  Become part of a scientific network studying urban climate change with BurlingtonGreen Youth Network Members and ACER (Association for Canadian Educational Resources).
N2 The Stream of DreamsTM                 (Conservation Halton)
Join Conservation Halton staff for this creative workshop to discover more about the importance of protecting our local waterways and how you can take action to make a difference.  To show your support and pledge to protect the environment, you will create your own design on a wooden fish that will be displayed in a mural at the host school - Robert Bateman

N3       Back to basics                            (Burlington Green)

Protect Mother Earth! Get back to basics & learn about First Nations  teachings about the environment. Listen to traditional drumming and music while learning how to live in peace with the natural world.


N4       Species at Risk                     (Mountsberg)
“Species at Risk” is a ‘nose to beak’ experience with live raptors designed to help students understand the threats faced by some of Ontario’s wildlife. Students will have the opportunity to see some of Ontario’s most majestic birds of prey such as the Barn Owl and Great Horned Owl up close and personal. They will learn about the special adaptations of these amazing birds as well as how they themselves can help ensure these species have a future our province.


 G1 Go Green, Go for Gold (Eco-Certification)                (Ron Ballantine)
Want to get your school Eco-certified? Want to learn what that means? Sign-up for this workshop and get a how-to by students who’ve already gone through the certification process. Go for gold, sounds impressive doesn’t it?

G2 Protecting Resources       (Halton Region: Steve McKinnon & John Watson)  
Interested in being an environmental champion? Learn about conserving water and reducing waste – we all have a part to play.            

G3      Trash is Treasure -Recycled ART       
                       (J. Perras/ Mac Langton)
One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! In this workshop you will learn how to make use out of salvaged materials and how to incorporate recycled materials into your piece of art!                                                               

G4      Consumerism – DIY Clothing                      (B.E.A.T./ M. Hickey)
Do you like recycling your stuff? If so,  you’ll love this workshop. Learn how to recycle your clothes and how consumerism affects us and our planet. Create something new from your old stuff.
 We hope you will choose to participate in this much anticipated event. Click the Register  button located on our on line registration site at:

Space is limited! Note: Registration cut-off date is  October 9, 2009.


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Conference counts for green school certification

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