IEEE SCV LEOS Monthly Meeting on June 3, 2008

Marco Arrigoni, Coherent, Inc.
"Advanced Microscopy Techniques and Ultrafast Lasers: a Symbiotic Development"



Starting with the invention of Multi-Photon Excitation (MPE) Microscopy in 1991, Ultrafast lasers entered biological imaging and research laboratories. The short duration and high peak power of the infrared pulses of light generated by these lasers allowed to image cellular structures and tissues more in depth than any other non-invasive microscopy techniques, and on living (and surviving) animals. In the last decade, other Non-Linear Optics Microscopy techniques using Ultrafast lasers have been developed like Harmonic and CARS Microscopy. Each of these brings its original contribution to providing in-vivo information-rich images of animal and human subjects as well. The development of these novel microscopy techniques is further enabled by each new generation of Ultrafast lasers and, in turn, drives the industry to develop new, dedicated laser sources.


After obtaining a Masters Degree in Engineering at Politecnico of Milan, Italy, Marco Arrigoni worked as R&D engineer with Italian defense contractors, developing solid-state laser rangefinders and one of the first European diode-pumped lasers, in 1987. In 1988, he joined Coherent Inc. as R&D Engineer, designing ion lasers systems. In 1995 he moved to international sales and from 1998 to 2000 he managed Coherent’s business in Asia, living in Tokyo. After moving back to the United States in 2001, he covered several positions in international marketing and sales. He is currently director of marketing for the scientific market segment. To strike a balance between his technical career and his passion for the old world, he collects roman coins and art, and is fond of classical and jazz music.

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